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Birmingham City v Blackburn Rovers

Live coverage of Tuesday’s Championship game between Birmingham City and Blackburn Rovers.

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Fear Of Job Losses At Poundstretcher

Poundstretcher Has Been Sold To US firm Fortress Investment Group Job losses at Poundstretcher could be coming. Staff at more than 300 Poundstretcher stores are fearing for their jobs after the popular high street brand was sold for an undisclosed sum to the owner of Majestic Wine.   In a shock move, Poundstretcher which has 322 stores in the UK including in Skegness, Grimsby, Lincoln, Boston, Spalding, Scunthorpe, Stamford, and Gainsborough has been sold. The popular discount chain has been sold to the US owner of Majestic Wine (Fortress Investment Group) for an undisclosed sum. With news of the sale, staff at Poundstretcher are now fearing for their jobs and what the future holds. Although the new owners of Poundstretcher have not mentioned any job losses as yet, some employees at Poundstretcher have said they fear the new owners will shut down some of the stores and streamline the business. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});Two former key players at Morrisons will be taking Poundstretcher forward. Andy Atkinson, former commercial director at Morrisons, will become Poundstretcher chief executive. Former Morrisons finance chief Trevor Strain, will also join the board.  Poundstretcher Job Losses Could Be Coming Fear StaffFormer owner of Poundstretcher Aziz Tayub who is set to retire has said:  “I am very pleased that the Fortress team will be providing the resources and investment needed to take Poundstretcher to its next stage of growth following my retirement. “Fortress are well placed to work with the fantastic Poundstretcher team, who I’d like to...

Visit Skegness After Blackpool Named Worst Seaside Resort

Blackpool has been named the worst UK seaside resort in a Twitter poll. Skegness business owners invite holidaymakers to their seaside town after Blackpool was named the worst seaside resort in the UK.   In a recent Twitter Poll, Blackpool has been named as the worst seaside resort in the UK by a quarter of those who voted. Now, business owners and caravan owners in Skegness are inviting those people unhappy with Blackpool to have a great holiday in Lincolnshire. Skegness Lincolnshire attracts holidaymakers from all over the UK looking for an amazing family holiday. With so much to do in Skegness including great amusement arcades, funfairs, and a Seal Sanctuary, it's no wonder more than 4 million people visit the Lincolnshire seaside resort. With news that Blackpool is no longer a favourite destination with holidaymakers, local businesses in Skegness and caravan owners who rent out their vans want those who have never been to Skegness to come and see what they are missing.Jane who has two caravans in Skegness that she rents out told In2town that she has just bought another caravan to keep up with demand. “I must agree with some of the comments about Blackpool. It was once a great place to visit but now not so much. In Skegness, we have so much to offer for people of all ages.” Mark who has just bought a caravan in Skegness said he has been coming to the Lincolnshire resort since he was a kid. “I love coming to Skegness. You can find something to...

Thousands Missing Out On Iceland Discounts

Iceland Offers Discounts For Over 60s Tens of thousands of people living in Lincolnshire are unaware that they could receive a discount from Iceland if they are over the age of 60.   People aged over 60 living in Lincolnshire are missing out on an important Iceland Discount that happens every Tuesday. Iceland has more than 1,000 stores including in Skegness, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Lincoln, Boston, Spalding, and Sleaford, and has a reputation for offering discounts. But one discount that tens of thousands of people are unaware of, is the discount they offer to people over the age of 60 on a Tuesday. The special Iceland discount for people over 60 offers a 10% discount in-store. There is no minimum spend. The over 60s Iceland Discount helps people combat the rising cost of living on their weekly food shopping bill. Although Iceland introduced the special over 60s discount in May 2022, it is very surprising how many people are unaware of how they can save money. For an average shopping bill of £50, over 60s with the Iceland discount could be saving £5. This is an important saving, especially with the rising prices of everyday living.   Who Is Eligible For The Iceland Over 60 Discount? The Tuesday Iceland Discount is available for anyone over the age of 60.   How To Apply For Iceland Over 60s Discount? Anyone over the age of 60 can apply for the Iceland Tuesday discount. All they have to do is to sign up for an Iceland Bonus Card.   How do I get the Iceland over 60 discounts? All...

Lives Lost With Broken NHS

The Tory Government has broken The NHS The Labour Party is set to win the next General Election by a landslide due to wasted money and a broken NHS.   With an election on the Horizon, Conservative MPs are fearing for their future after it has been predicted the Conservative Party will be defeated with heavy losses. According to recent predictions, the Labour Party is set to win the next General Election by a landslide with almost 60 Conservative MPs throwing in the towel instead of trying to win their seats back. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({});One of the main reasons why people have lost faith in the Conservative Party is due to a broken NHS. Rishi Sunak and the Conservative party have been accused of false promises and a lack of respect for the hardworking NHS team. At a time when Rishi Sunak needs the country onside, it has now been reported that more than 250 people per week are losing their lives due to extended A&E waiting times. This shocking figure has left people wondering what has happened to all the promises of new hospitals and huge investments to cut down waiting times and speed up A&E Waiting times. According to the Royal College of Emergency Medicine (RCEM), a significant number of patients are experiencing extended waiting times for hospital beds, despite promises from the government to improve performance. According to records obtained through Freedom of Information requests made by the RCEM, it was discovered that 65% of individuals who...

Skegness TEC Campus Becomes A Reality

The new Skegness Tec Campus will be provide a furhter education establishment for local people. Great news for Skegness. Work has now begun on the new Skegness Tec which will not only bring much needed jobs to the area but will also provide people living in and near Skegness a local further education campus. Many believed the Skegness Tec campus would not happen, but with a £14 million government-funded Connected Coast Town Deal, the people of Skegness will no longer need to travel out of the area to advance their education. Ann Hardy, CEO of TEC Partnership, commented: “I am delighted that construction is underway on our new Skegness Learning Campus. "It is going to be great to see our designs and plans become a reality. "The new learning campus will bring with it a broad curriculum and new opportunities for the community of Skegness.” The new Skegness Tec Campus will provide a range of courses that include construction, engineering, hospitality, tourism, digital, and more. Chris Baron, Chair of Connected Coast, commented: “It is fantastic to see work now underway on the Learning Campus, a development set to be genuinely transformational for local people, offering access to training in much-needed subjects in Skegness. “The Learning Campus is Connected Coast’s flagship Town Deal, and it has the potential to be an economic game changer for the area, allowing people to gain the skills and knowledge they need to get the jobs they want. “The start of work is a hugely significant milestone, and I look forward to seeing this...