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Rowing Machine Benefits How Can They Help To Lose Weight

Are There Any Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine?


With so many exercise machines available, we have decided to look at the benefits of a rowing machine when it comes to losing weight and getting trim.

Let’s be honest, putting on weight is so much easier than losing weight. Before even thinking about losing weight people must get themselves into the right mindset. How many people think about joining the gym but never do it. And, how many people do join a gym but then after the first month stop going. Before thinking about buying exercise equipment like a rowing machine or a treadmill, it is important to be committed.

There are lots of exercising programs available, from jogging, hill walking, and swimming, but if you don’t have the time to visit a gym, or dont like the idea of going running, or dipping your toes in the pool then exercising in your home is a great idea.

The rowing machine is a great piece of home exercise equipment to purchase. It provides great exercise for people of all ages and abilities and improves overall health and lifestyle.

If you are wondering what a rowing machine can do, you will be surprised to know that there are numerous benefits of using one. It offers a complete range of workouts. As you will read ahead, we will help you explore the rower machine benefits that will help you do the workout the way you like.

                            benefits of a rowing machine               

Benefits Of Using A Rowing Machine

Let’s see what the rowing machine does for you:


Complete Body Workout

When we say that a rowing machine offers, it does because it targets approximately 85% of the muscles in your body every time you go for a full stroke.

The muscles in your core, buttocks, legs, arm, and back are fully activated, which gives you a complete range of motion. It can also put your muscles into cardio and strength training. 


Injury Free Workouts

The best part about a rowing machine workout is that you can go for high-intensity exercises that cause little to no impact on your body. Many HIIT sessions leave your muscles strained, where you end up with lots of injuries. But this is avoidable while using a workout rowing machine.

rowing machine benefitsLeg Workout

Nobody loves working the legs. But the rowing machine also involves your lower body without noticing. It may be surprising to you, but 60% of a workout done on a rowing machine is for the legs.


Adds Versatility

Want to get HIIT and LISS done with a single machine? The rowing machine is the answer for you. It will provide you with the right amount of kick needed for your workout owing to its upbeat workout intensity.


Learning New Skills

If you want to perfect the technique of rowing, you must keep learning the skill. There is a technique that you must learn. As you get better with the method, you will notice that your rowing is becoming more efficient.


Needs Just 15 Minutes

Are you short on time? Well, you only need 15 minutes to get a session done. If you work out consistently on a rowing machine for 15 minutes every day, you will see great results.


A Good Balance To Bodyweight Workouts

You can use a rowing machine along with HIIT because the pulling action of the rowing machine makes it an excellent complementary exercise. Rowing for exercise offers a balance and breaks from your routine bodyweight workouts.


Improves Posture

Anyone who has a desk job will know the pain of having a bad posture. However, by using a rowing machine, you make your upper body muscles work. A rower benefits in releasing tension and improving muscle stiffness.


So, is rowing good for you? Yes, it is.

Here we conclude some of the benefits of a rowing machine but let us tell you rowing benefits are not limited to these. To experience full rowing machines benefits, you need to get one.


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