Saturday, May 28, 2022

Mindful Coach Company Offers A Novel Approach on Creating Awareness on the Human Anatomy and Mental Wellbeing

The blog section of the body of knowledge mindful coach website covers various topics related to mental wellbeing. The subject areas covered in these blogposts include the correlation and anatomic structure between the emotional, mental and physical bodies. Ways to overcome negativity in life which could present itself in different forms such as fear, manipulation, failures, isolation, procrastination, addictions, depression, etc. and mechanism of embracing one’s uniqueness to bring out the positivity trapped within the mind due to self-doubt and ignorance. These well-balanced posts also offer in-depth knowledge on scientifically proven facts on mental wellbeing and how it impacts oneself and society at large.

In addition to imparting knowledge on mental health through the blog, Jagdeep also conducts a mindful coaching service to those who want to build a successful mindset. The three-step approach based on the pendulum theory focuses on creating healthy minds. While the first step of the body of knowledge mindful program provides an opportunity to learn the philosophy of mental anatomy, the second and third steps focus on consciousness and utilizing one’s energy field for manifestation respectively. The customized fee structure and multiple communication channels offer a wide variety of choices for the target audience. The program is flexible and accommodating the needs of clients from different backgrounds. The mindful coach also conducts sessions for mindful clients who are affected by anxiety and who are striving to overcome the negative effects of abuse, control, and manipulation.

Jagdeep Takk is an inspirational mindful coach, avid blogger, and author based in Birmingham, England, who strives to build awareness on simple yet effective methods of improving mental health. Her eagerness to explore the mysteries that lie within the tangible and intangible human anatomy has led her to the profound knowledge she possesses today on the subject. Her vision is to emancipate mental freedom on the human race by helping them unleash their creativity and build healthy minds through her company – the body of knowledge mindful coach. The author plans on publishing a book within 2020 to part tacit knowledge on rejecting social oppression and manipulation to a wider audience.  

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