A new therapy has been launched by Chris Gillies that helps people overcome many issues. The alternative therapy called TNT, which stands for Total Neurological Tapping has gained a great deal of exposure for the success it has achieved with clients.
The therapy can help people with many different issues they may have, that includes Fears & Phobias, Reduce Chronic pain, Eliminate Distressing Memories, Help Victims of Abuse Trauma to remove the emotional attachment, Help to overcome bereavement. The therapy can also Help Trauma Victims, Remove anger of a specific event, Remove food cravings, Reduce PTSD, Panic Attacks and many other problems.

We decided to speak to Chris and find out more about his technique and how it can help people.

1. Chris Gillies, you have launched a new alternative health service called TNT, first of all, what does TNT stand for?

TNT was the name I came up with because it works on two levels, primarily it stands for Total Neurological Tapping, because that is what we are doing with this system, and secondly we all know TNT as Dynamite, and that gets rid of things quickly, just like this process.

2. Can you explain what TNT actually does?

The TNT Therapy system works by distracting the conscious part of the mind, allowing us access to the subconscious, once we have access to the subconscious we can change the way it responds to various triggers, for example, things like fears & phobias have become learned behaviours of the subconscious, we can literally tell it to respond in a different way when these things occur. Not only can we use the system to reduce the response to triggers, but we can also use it to help increase people will power or self-confidence.

3. So what type of condition or problem can TNT help with?

To be honest the TNT Therapy system works on almost anything. Over the last three years it has been used to help with Fears and Phobia removal, Stress and Anxiety reduction, eliminating the effects of Abuse Trauma, reduction in Pain, removing Anger associated with a certain person or event, helping with food / addiction Cravings and helping to get Panic Attacks under control.
4. With people being so different, will TNT help everyone who has a problem?

Believe it or not, we are not actually that different from each other in the way our subconscious mind works, it just needs to be re-trained about how to respond to certain scenarios, and as long as the client has a genuine reason and want to get the results, they will.
5. How did you come about inventing TNT?

Over the last 18 years as a hypnotic consultant, I have studied various methods of helping others, some were really good, but a little complicated to remember with loads of variations that needed to be used for different things. I wanted to come up with a system that was easy to remember for the practitioner, easy for the client to do and got the results fast, after about 6 months in total TNT Therapy was born.

6. How does TNT compare to hypnotherapy?

Firstly we have to understand what Hypnotherapy is, there are some very obscure ideas on what it is and what it isn’t, some people think that its relaxation. When in truth it is actually 100% pure focus on something, and the relaxation is purely a by-product of that focus. So as far as TNT Therapy is concerned, the client is 100% focused on what is happening during the process, so it could be classed as a form of Hypnotherapy, just a lot quicker that the standard Hypnotherapy process, with some people getting life changing results in a little as 5-10 minutes.
7. Can you tell me about some of the success stories TNT has been used for?

Over the last three years there have been so many, but I think the quickest one I ever did was with a lady called Emily, now she was in her mid to late 70s and had a white coat phobia, which basically means a fear of doctors. I was doing a presentation of the TNT Therapy system at an oddfellows meeting and she was in the audience, when I asked if anyone had something they would like to get rid of, she raised her hand like a flash, as she said having a fear of the doctor and getting on in life was not the best combination. So up she came, took a chair on the stage and we started to go through the process, she did fantastically, and in just under 4 minutes that anxiety she had lived her whole life with had gone. She broke down into tears and was speechless for a little while, on that day the rest of her life had changed for the better.

8. If I had a problem with sleeping, could TNT help me?

For insomnia or any sleep related issue, I would combine both the TNT Therapy with a more conventional Hypnotherapy approach, but as far as the anxiety the person has about going to bed and not being able to sleep, then yes TNT could help with that.
9. You are now offering TNT as a course, what type of people is the course aimed at?

The practitioner’s course we run is aimed at anybody that wants to be able to help others, it’s not just for Hypnotherapists or Psychotherapists, we already have practitioners in England, Scotland, Germany, USA & Canada and are all seeing fantastic results.

10. For people who would like to know more about TNT, where can they go?

The first port of call is to visit the website at www.tnttherapy.com they can find information there on the system and how it works, or they can send me an email directly on info@123hypnosis.co.uk and ill help them with any questions they might have.