Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Amazing Core Fitness Says Truck Drivers Can Beat The Obesity Battle

A report has been issued that has shown which are the most unhealthiest jobs in America and on top of that list are truck drivers. According to the report, 38.6 of truck drivers are obese but Amazing Core Fitness have said, with their resistance loop bands which can be taken anywhere, work, to the park or even on holiday, can help truck drivers to lose weight and beat the obesity battle.


The new study which was published in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention journal Preventing Chronic Disease, reveals that truck drivers are the most unhealthiest profession in America but as Amazing Core Fitness have said, this can change through exercise, even exercise outside their cab.


Check out the CDC’s list of most obese professions, here:


  1. Truck drivers – 38.6 percent
    2. Transportation and material moving – 37.9 percent
    3. Protective services – 33.3 percent
    4. Cleaning and building services – 29.5 percent
    5. Health services – 28.8 percent
    6. Mechanics and repairers – 28.9 pecent
    7. Administrative support – 27.9 percent
    8. Personal services – 27.2 percent
    9. Technicians (plus related support) – 26.6 percent
    10. Precision production and plant operators – 26.1 percent
    11. Sales – 25.4 percent
    12. Management-related – 25.1 percent
    13. Executive, administrative and managerial – 24.4 percent
    14. Machine operators, assemblers and inspectors – 23.9 percent
    15. Registered nurses – 22.6 percent
    16. Farming, forestry, and fishing – 22.3 percent
    17. Teachers (not including postsecondary education) – 21.8 percent
    18. Helpers, equipment cleaners, and laborers – 21.9 percent
    19. Math and computer scientists – 21.8 percent
    20. Lawyers and judges – 21.7 percent
    21. Engineers, architects, and surveyors – 20.2 percent
    22. Food preparation and service – 20.1 percent
    23. Construction – 19.9 percent
    24. Other professional specialties – 19.7 percent
    25. Health assessment and treating (not including registered nurses) – 18.2 percent
    26. Postsecondary teachers -17.6 percent
    27. Natural and social scientists – 17.3 percent
    28. Health-diagnosing occupations – 11.6 percent


If you are a truck driver or work in a profession that is on the list, then do not think that you have to settle for being overweight, by using the Amazing Core Fitness Resistance Loop Bands, you can exercise anywhere and by exercising each day, you can beat the obesity battle and become slim and healthy.

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