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London Regent’s Canal Walks

The Regent’s Canal Walk is one of London’s best-kept secrets, but a secret that now needs to be shouted about. It is one of the best canal walks London has to offer. It stretches for nearly 9 miles from Paddington to Limehouse via Camden, Islington and Hackney.  The London Canal takes you through some of the best areas in the northern part of central London.

Going on a London canal walk is not just a great way to exercise, it is also a great chance to relax from the hustle and bustle of London life. Walking along the London canal gives families and loved one’s some quality time together.

What I love about the Regent’s Canal besides the colourful canal boats that pass you, is the chance to see some of the capitals famous landmarks, which include Camden Lock, King’s Cross, and Regent’s Park. As you will see from the many London canal maps available, you will pass gardens, markets, bridges, and art pavilions.

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Walking The Regent’s Canal is enjoyable in all weathers, but when it’s sunny it makes the canal walk even more special. Along the London canal you have lots of lovely pubs, restaurants, and cafes. So, when you fancy a break, you can just pop in and relax while having a nice meal or drink.

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If you don’t fancy a drink, or something to eat while walking along the London cancel, then there are many other great places you can stop off at. They include London Zoo. I must admit, I really love London Zoo. I love all Zoos, and when I go on holiday, I make a point of finding a local Zoo to spend the day there including the Zoo in Benidorm.

The popular canal in London is not just enjoyable for those that fancy a nice stroll, it’s also popular with cyclists. In recent years the Regent’s Canal has become more popular thanks to it being voted 90th  in a 2017 ITV poll to find Britain’s Favourite Walk. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder why more people are choosing to visit Regent’s Canal.

For me, the London Regent’s Canal is one of my Favourite Walks in Britain. It allows you to experience so much culture with the old meeting the new. And, best of all, it allows you to remove the stress from your life and think without the noise of modern life. And let’s not forget, the popular London canal walk allows you to experience some lovely cuisine and real beer.


Regent’s Canal Information


London regent canal historyWhen Was London Regent’s Canal Built?

The construction of London Regent’s Canal started on 14 October 1812 and was completed on 1st August 1820.

Who Designed Regent’s London Canal?

The canal in London was designed by John Nash

How Long Is London Regent’s Canal?

The Regent’s Canal in London stretches for nearly nine miles. To be exact, the canal is 8.6 miles.

How Many Locks Does The Regent’s Canal Have?

As The Regent’s Canal Map shows, Regent Canal has 13 locks.

Where does Regent’s Canal start and finish?

The London canal starts at Little Venice and stretches 8.6 miles to the Docklands.

When Did Commercial Traffic Stop Using The London Canal

By the late 1960’s majority of the commercial traffic stopped. The once popular commercial route for timber, coal, food, and building material became abandoned. For over 140 years the canals were busy with commercial freight, but this was all transferred to the roads and trains.

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How Long Does The Regent’s Canal Walk Take?

The walk along the London canal takes around three hours

Regent’s Canal Pubs/Cafes

There are lots of pubs and cafes along Regent’s canal walk. They include The Boathouse Café which is a family run restaurant in Regent’s Park. The Boathouse Café has a large terrace seating area which is great in the summer and provides enjoyable and relaxing views of the lake. The café is located on the Boating lake near Hanover Gate. It sells flat bread pizza’s, toasties, stew, soup, cakes and snacks.

There is also the Regent’s Bar & Kitchen which is in the middle of Regent’s Park. It is close to the Open Theatre and the Queen Mary’s Gardens. In the summer you can eat burgers, hot dogs on the terrace. They also cater for vegetarians and serve some good quality beer.



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