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Comfort Inn Fort Collins North Unforgettable Tastes and Experiences

It is not exaggerating to recommend Fort Collins, Co as the new Napa Valley of beer. Aside from all the famous breweries and restaurants, the inns and hotels are here to spoil the visitors and create a memorable experience…

Napa valley of beer in Fort Collins, Co Unforgettable Tastes and Experiences

Since 1969, Fort Collins has been an area in Colorado that is popular for the production of beers, making this dry city have more income from the tourism sector. Besides, other industries and business like bars and diners are also growing rapidly over the last decades. The traditional methods of breweries are still maintained here to keep the original taste of the beer itself. However, the young generations also given by the  new insight regarding the implementation of the modern beer industry, the visitors can taste test during their visit in Fort Collins and feel the difference.

Fort Collins, Co Unforgettable Tastes and Experiences

There is a quite long history about beer in Fort Collins. The most famous event was in 1988 when Anheuser Busch opened a brewery in this district. He was originally from this area, but going around before coming back home that year. His business seemed to encourage other people to follow. Even a few weeks later, some big companies like Odell Brewing company and Coppersmith’s Pub and Brewing started to run their businesses. Until now, it has been known that over 70% of beer production in Northern  Colorado is done in Fort Collins.

The beer generated into various types although the original one is still maintained. There are more than 50 types of beer made by the local makers. Each store or pub may not have all of those 50 beer types. Therefore, the tourists can go to one store to another so that they can taste many of them. Interestingly, it is not difficult to ride around Fort Collins since the area is not too big and able to reach by bike.

Visiting Fort Collins is not enough only for one day. Despite the breweries, this area also has a stunning landscape to refresh visitor’s mind. Interestingly, there are also inns and hotels available. One of them is Comfort Inn Fort Collins North with great features and facilities to enjoy. The rooms are available by bringing out the countryside vibe. Enjoy the great scenery every time, when open the window directly from the hotel’s room.



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