Thousands Of Take Me Out Fans Are Asking Where Is The Isle Of Fernando

Each week millions of people watch ITV’s Take Me Out with Paddy McGuinness, but how many people know where the Isle of Fernando is? According to High Street travel agents no many of them.


As the 30 girls each week try and find their ideal man, according to travel agents, fans of the show are searching the Internet trying to book the Isle of Fernando. Travel agents have reported large numbers of phone calls from people wishing to travel to the Island but are not sure where it is.

For those reading this, the Isle of Fernando is actually Tenerife. It is a fictional place created by ITV1, which is actually set in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife.


For people wanting to create their own little Isle of Fernando and experience the beautiful surroundings and the quality hotel, they can visit the luxurious 5-star Botanico Hotel, which is used as the location for the ITV1 show.
The 252-room hotel is one of the best hotels on the Island. It has a reputation of providing quality food, excellent customer service, and amazing rooms. People who love food will be spoilt for choice. The hotel has four restaurants, such as such as Asian fine dining, traditional Spanish food or fine Italian fare.


So for people watching Take Me Out with Paddy McGuiness and want their own love Island, they can visit their own little Isle of Fernando by visiting Tenerife and booking into the luxurious 5-star Botanico Hotel.