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London The River Thames A Must See

Visit The River Thames And See Why Millions Of People Make It Their First Port Of Call While Visiting London

  • Looking for a great day out in London, a visit to the River Thames is a must.
  • Explore the River Thames with River Thames Cruise Companies

The River Thames is perhaps one of London’s most iconic and well-known attractions and is well worth making the effort to see when visiting London. The best way to enjoy the experience is through a River Thames cruise. With so much to see and do in the areas on and around the River Thames and easy transport links from most central London hotels there is plenty going on to keep you entertained.
At 336km or 215 miles long the River Thames is the longest river in England and the UK’s second longest river flowing from its source in the Cotswolds through major cities like London before entering the Thames Estuary near Southend-on-Sea. No matter where your hotel  in London is situated you will be within easy reach of the river and the life that bustles on its banks.

For centuries the river has supported human habitation and industry and has taken its place amongst some of London’s most famous historical attractions as a location of rich cultural and historical significance. In most cases Londoners will argue that everything London is and was, has all been thanks to the River Thames as the major transport route and life of the city.

Recent years have seen leisure and recreation activities becoming more popular on the river and there are now numerous companies providing boating trips and experiences along the Thames. Alongside a series of sporting and pleasure activities on the river, the river banks are now full of restaurants and bars for a nice relaxing drink and meal before heading back to your hotel accomodation.

Vist The River Thames For A Great Day Out

Often considered the centre of rowing in the UK, the River Thames has many famous rowing events and other waterside activities that bring thousands of tourists and Londoners to the river banks. There are many riverside businesses that will offer you the chance to get out on the river yourself but if you don’t fancy getting your feet wet then there is plenty for you to watch.

One date to add to your calendar is the Henley Royal Regatta which takes place every year during the first 5 days of July. Like many other sporting events including Royal Ascot and Wimbledon, the Royal Regatta is also a popular social event for which hundreds of people flock to the River Thames to see.

Visit The River Thames
Another event in which the Thames takes pride of place is the now infamous University Boat Race between Cambridge University Boat Club and Oxford University Boat Club. The race which is held in late March or early April takes place along a championship course mapped out on the river starting in Putney and finishing in Mortlake, West London. The event which is now heavily publicised on television is a must see if you are in London at this time of year.

If you are planning a trip to London and are staying in a hotel in the central London area then a day spent by or near the River Thames is definitely an experience not to be missed.

The sightseeing tours along the river also give you a perfect view of some of the rivers more famous attractions including the Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament not to mention some of the beautiful and infamous bridges.

Perhaps the most famous bridge across the River Thames is Tower Bridge which was built in 1894 around the same period as two other iconic London landmarks, Big Ben and St. Pauls Cathedral. The bridge is unique not only because of its connection with the Tower of London but also because it is the only bascule bridges along the whole of the river. A Bascule bridge is a bridge whose sides can be mechanically raised in order to allow ocean going vessels to pass beneath.

The River Thames is and has been an extremely important part of London for centuries with much of the city’s landscape being built up on and around the river. Most central London hotels will be able to provide you with details about events taking place on the river or comprehensive details can be found online prior to your visit.


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