Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Getting Married Abroad Is A Cheaper Option According to Survey

Getting married is a special day in your life, some say it is the most important day in your life but as we know, it can also be one of the most expensive days as well as events in your life, but now according to a new survey conducted by confetti.co.uk, getting married abroad is a much better and cheaper option.

With the prices of weddings becoming even more expensive, couples looking to get married are looking for a more cost effective solution and according to the survey; getting married abroad allows couples to have their perfect wedding day at the fraction of the cost.

According to the study, one in ten British couples is looking to escape the UK to marry abroad during 2012 and 2013, despite tightening budgets and unsettling economic conditions at home.

Taken from The Wedding Report, a comprehensive study of over 5,000 brides by wedding specialist’s confetti.co.uk, the findings also revealed that Europe is the most popular foreign wedding destination for British brides. In fact four times the number of British couples marrying in the EU than in the Caribbean, America or further afield.

In order of preference for the UK’s 2012 brides, the most popular foreign wedding destinations for 2012 are:


1.     Europe

2.     Caribbean

3.     USA/Canada

4.     Africa

5.     Indian Ocean


Of those couples choosing to travel to foreign shores for their big day, nearly two thirds of brides to be (61 per cent) confirmed that they will host a second ceremony in the UK to continue celebrations with a wider circle of friends and family at home

Despite these double celebrations, the Wedding Report also revealed that the majority (62 per cent) of wedding budgets today are less than £10,000 – half the average amount spent in 2008, pre-recession.

Joanne Diggle, confetti.co.uk’s dedicated expert with over 10 years’ experience in the travel industry, weddings abroad and honeymoons said:   “The past few years have held many challenges for people financially, and so it comes as no surprise that today’s couples have had to reduce their wedding budgets accordingly. For many, hosting their big day abroad means that they can have the beautiful and romantic wedding of their dreams, but on a much smaller scale, which is a big help towards saving costs.

By getting married abroad, couples are able to save money on their honeymoon which has become another major factor on why weddings abroad have become even more popular.


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