Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Simon Cowell To Miss Britain’s Got Talent Semi Final Due To COVID-19

Simon Cowell will miss Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals in Covid-19 chaos according to an insider for ITV.


Britain’s Got Talent Simon Cowell will be forced to miss Britain’s Got Talent semi-finals due to a clash with the US version of the show and the Covid-19 pandemic. This will be the first time the head judge will miss the semi-finals of the show.

ITV has been working on ways for Simon Cowell to still be involved in the semi-finals, and according to a source on Britain’s Got Talent the head judge will watch the live acts live via a video link from America.

It has not been confirmed if ITV aim to have another judge on the show while Simon Cowell is away in America, but according to the source, Simon Cowell will still be able to give his opinion and use his vote.

simon cowell to miss britains got talentA source said: “Simon is gutted to not be physically there for the semi- finals, but he’ll be there virtually, casting an eye over the talent and imparting his views in every show.”

With Simon Cowell being away from the judging panel many believe that David Walliams will be able to have free reign on what he does or says. However, the source has said that Simon Cowell will still be keeping an eye on David Walliams to make sure he does not get to big for his boots.




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