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ENDEAVOUR New Series Set To Be The Best Yet

New Series Of Endeavour Starts 30th January 2020


The new series of Endeavour is set to return on 30th January. The ITV show which is now in its seventh series has been a big hit for ITV.

When there was talk about bringing back the Morse Character a lot of critiques thought ITV were mad and it would not work, however they were wrong, and the Pre-Sequel has become one of the most watched detective dramas on TV.

The new series of Endeavour enters a new decade where the first episode is on New Year’s Eve 1969. Fans of the show will be glad to hear that Chief Superintendent Bright is back in charge. The new series will see some old friendships tested with new relationships blossoming.

Endeavour oxfordThe first episode of Endeavour will see the team investigate a murder when a body is discovered at the canal towpath on New Year’s Day.

The seventh series will test Endeavour’s moral compass to breaking point, both personally and professionally

Writer Russell Lewis commented: “The prospect of Colin Dexter’s immortal creation entering a new decade is hugely exciting for all of #Te a m E n d e a v o u r. We’re always looking to break new ground and go places we haven’t been before -both physically and emotionally. The narrative design of this series gives us the opportunity to deliver a particularly distinctive story shape. Though each film can be enjoyed as a standalone -we have approached Endeavour 1970 as three panels of a triptych, or -in musical terms -a grand opera that unfolds across three acts. Whether it wears the mask of comedy or tragedy remains to be seen.”

Russell Lewis has said fans of Endeavour are in for exciting times. The show which was voted fourth greatest British crime drama of all time continues to go from strength to strength. With audiences of 6.9m, the show has become one of ITV’s best dramas.


Where is Endeavour Filmed

Endeavour is filmed in and around Oxford, just like the original Morse star John Thaw who sadly died 21 February 2002.



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