Thursday, January 27, 2022

Cain Rose Up From a Stephen King short story to an award winning Project

This project started back in 2019, when Eunicet Pamela was still in school and along with Amy Nigro the Director and Mitali Khare the Producer from Potato Creatives, they started a project that today is getting a lot of recognition worldwide.

seattle film festival

Everything starts because they got to buy the rights for a short story written by the great Stephen King, which then Amy Nigro converted into a Short Film Script. Then the pre-production started which lasted a little more than 6 months, where they visited a lot of locations, made castings to find the right actors and finally at the end of 2019 they got the green light for the project.

The production lasted 4 days where they shot in different locations like Los Feliz Highschool, a Sound stage, a library and even cheat a classroom for a Christmas dinner scene.

After the production the editing process started right away but the Pandemic started making the process slow down but they finished by the end of 2020.

After making the final step of Color Correction the Film Circuit began a few weeks ago and it has already gained recognition.

film festival

Here are the Film Festival Awards and Nomination that it got so far

  • Official Selection – Venice Shorts Film Festival California
  • Official Selection – BELIFF – Be Epic! Film Fest London
  • Official Selection – Seattle Film Festival 2021
  • Official Selection Catalina Film Festival 2021
  • Best Thriller Worldwide – Seattle Film Festival 2021
  • Best Student Director in US – Seattle Film Festival 2021
  • Best Student Film – Los Angeles Cinematography Awards (LACA)
  • Lift Of Global Network – First Time Filmmakers Sessions

The quality of the film comes from a lot of factors, the writing, the performance and the cinematography are some to mention.

seattle film festival

Eunicet’s work is reflected in the lighting that she made, it has a very soft lighting but a lot of richness in the image. The use of anamorphic lens was definitely a great choice in portraying the character study film and even the use of split diopter. Her work definitely is something to keep and eye on and we can wait to see her next project on the big screen.

This is just the beginning for Cain Rose up and we can’t be more excited to see it on the big screen at the Catalina Film Festival in September where it is going to be screened for the first time.

For more information, please check the WEBSITE


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