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UK Celebrities Moaning About Self-Isolation

Celebrities moaning about Self-Isolation. Today, 14th April 2020 more than 88,621 people have tested positive for coronavirus. Out of those 88,621 people, 11,329 people have died. Those are shocking numbers and according to the government we have not yet reached the peak of the virus that is destroying lives.

Each day the nurses, doctors, porters, and other key workers put their lives on the line each day to treat patients with coronavirus and they don’t moan about it. More than 30 of those brave men and women have lost their lives, but you still don’t hear from one single NHS worker complaining, even though they are still not getting the right support from the government. But it seems celebrities are moaning about Self-Isolation.

Self-isolation is not easy, no one is saying that. But, during this troubling time of the coronavirus the country has come together to support each other. Many celebrities are helping to keep people’s spirits high by performing on YouTube and it is working. One of those celebrities is Gary Barlow who each day has got together with other performers to entertain the nation. But there are still those celebrities who don’t think about others and are thinking about themselves.

Here at Intown Lifestyle Magazine, we are fed up with celebrities moaning about how hard it is being in self-isolation in their multimillion-pound homes, so we decided to do what is right and name and shame them. Included in our list of celebrities complaining about being in isolation is Sam Smith and Gordon Ramsey.


So, let us look at the top two celebrities moaning about being in isolation during the coronavirus.


Sam Smith.

sam smith moans about coronavirus self isolationSam Smith is a talented guy. We do enjoy his music although we didn’t like his last album. He is on the top of our list for being a moaning celebrity during the coronavirus quarantine. He lives in a £12m home and has more money in the bank than most people could dream of. He is living in luxury while millions of people are struggling financially and don’t know if they will have a job after the coronavirus ends. But, while counting his money, living the life of luxury, and writing for his next album, he still finds the time to moan about being in isolation.

Our opinion: We are so sorry Sam Smith that you are finding it hard being in self-isolation, we really feel so sorry for you, NOT! I am sure those hardworking NHS staff who put their lives on the line each day would be more than happy to swap places with you. Stop moaning, grow up, and think about what you can do to support others.


Gordon Ramsey.

celebs complain about self isolationWow! MR Big Mouth himself. Gordon Ramsey is one of those people you either hate him or like him, a bit like Boris Johnson. I must admit, although I think he is a loudmouth, he is a great chef and great entertainment, but he has let himself down by the way he has acted during the coronavirus saga. They say, in a moment of crisis people show their true colours.

Gordon Ramsey has become one of the most hated celebrities thanks to his decision to lay off 500 members of staff, even though the government put things into place where these people could have been supported. But, let us forget about Gordon Ramsey sending people home crying, not knowing how they are going to survive, and how they are going to pay the bills and put food on the table, let’s look at him moaning about being in self-isolation.

Our Opinion.We feel so sorry for the chef being stuck in his multi-million-pound property in Cornwall where he said being in isolation is like a living nightmare. Gordon Ramsey, we really don’t know how you are coping, and if we could we would send you a food parcel and come and give you a cuddle to cope. But seriously, in the real world. Gordon Ramsey get a grip. Think about those people who are struggling each day and think about what you can do to support them and those working in the NHS. Stop annoying your neighbours in Cornwall and do something positive with your time and support those on the front line. Use your skills to go to hospitals and cook for the hardworking NHS team.

We would like to thank all those celebrities who are performing online and keeping the spirits of people alive, and we would like to thank all those people on the front line putting the lives at risk by looking after people in hospital and care homes. We would also like to thank supermarket workers and other key people, we saulte you.


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