Thursday, January 20, 2022

Tiger Woods wife is ready to leave golfing star

Tiger Woods, 33, world has fell apart after it was revealed he had an affair but now sources close to the star fear if will hit rock bottom after another five women have come forward claiming they had affairs with the golfing superstar.

The Golfing Star legend’s wife Ellin 29 is reported to be on the verge of leaving after new revelations that her husband Tiger Woods had extramarital relations with five other women.

Sources close to the couple said “Ellin is shocked, it was bad enough one affair being made public but now five other women have come forward and claimed they also had affairs with Tiger, she is not only embarrassed for herself but also for her children who will in later years have to read about their dad. I truly believe that Tiger has gone to far now and Ellin will leave him.”

According to the source, Ellin is making plans to leave the star sooner rather than later which friends of Tiger Woods fear will send his world crashing down around him

Tiger Woods image has now been wrecked forever and no matter what he does from this day forward, he will not be able to get his clean cut image back which has left his marketing team running around to try and salvage what is left of his sponsorship career.

Sponsors of the star are now said to be very concerned about being associated with him and this week a number of his sponsors have had emergency meetings to try and decide if they should still sponsor the golfing legend or to walk away which would cost Tiger Woods millions in sponsorship money.

Matters have been made even more complicated for the star after claims Tiger Woods used prescription drugs to boost his sex life with one of his alleged mistresses.

According to reports Rachel Uchitel, 34, one of the alleged women that Tiger Woods is reported to have had an affair with has told friends, that Tiger Woods and herself wood take sleeping pills ‘Ambien’ before sex to spice it up.

Reports yesterday have claimed that Tiger Woods has no dignity after offering his wife £3million to stay married, with a £50million ‘bonus’ if she stays with him for another seven years which sources close to Ellin who have branded the claims as insult and shows how desperate the star is to save his clean cut image.


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