Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Russell Brand I AM Lucky To Be Alive

Actor and comedian Russell Brand has said without Rehab and the love of his friends, he would have been dead


Funny man Russell Brand who shocked the world when he settled down with singer Katy Perry came clean on the Piers Morgan Life Stories show and said that he is lucky to be alive.

Russell Brand admitted that without the love and guidance of his family and close friends and without rehab, he would have died many years ago.

The actor has made no secret of his addiction to drugs and admitted that he was wrecking his life by taking drugs. On the ITV1 show he admitted that he did not want to go to rehab but was sent by his manager and friend John Noel.

“I was probably six months away from – well [my friend] goes, ‘You need to stop taking drugs right now or in six months you’ll be in prison, a lunatic asylum or dead’. And that’s the first time anyone had said anything like that to me,” he recalled.

“I still thought, ‘Rehab, I don’t like the sound of that’. So that’s when John and my friend took me in a room… He said, ‘Russell Brands needs to go away, because he’s doolally but he’s got to want to go for himself’.”

Russell Brand also talked about how one day he would like to have children and says he takes his marriage to Katy Perry one day at a time but knows she is the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.


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