Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Russell Brand Could Be Sent To Prison For Two Years

Russell Brand is not having a great year this year with his marriage to sexy Katy Perry ending in divorce and now it seems the comedian and Hollywood actor could be going to prison for two years.

The comedy actor is going to be charged over an incident that involved a photographer’s phone he damaged earlier this year.

Russell Brand was arrested in March after he was accused of throwing photographers Iphone through an office window. The actor was released on bail for £3,200 and was told he would be facing court action over the Paparazzi phone incident, although some would say he should have got an award.

‘Russell Brand Could Be Going To Prison’

The actor was told he could be sentenced to two years in prison but now the actor’s legal team is hoping he will be charged with a lesser offence of a misdemeanour criminal damage to property which receives a lesser punishment.

Russell Brand, 36, joked on twitter that he destroyed the iPhone in a tribute to the company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs but sources to the star have said it is a serious matter and unless Russell receives a lesser charge then he could be going to prison.


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