Sunday, May 22, 2022

Rising Music Artist 1Day Drops new EP “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed”

Singer, songwriter and Producer 1Day blends all of his skills together to present a high-energy captivating sound. Fans can’t be more excited to hear his new EP “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed”.


New York City-area via Topeka, Kansas 1Day is a music artist who is gaining fans quickly. A student of the craft who has polished his skills watching a number of top industry names work, 1Day bring it all to the table: singing, songwriting and production. In exciting news from the artist, sure to make fans new and old alike smile, he recently released his new (and much anticipated) release, the EP “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed”. His unique sound of alternative R&B, punk with a touch of Pop is guaranteed to draw listeners with good taste into 1Day’s enticing world.

“I’ve put a lot into ‘It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed’ and I am looking forward to seeing the response,” commented 1Day. “They say loss inspires some of the deepest creativity and that is something I just had to go through.”


According to 1Day, sadly, while working on the EP  he lost his birth mother, which was very difficult for him. Though she was not well for a longtime, a son’s bond with his mother is a powerful thing. This led to the EP being delayed, but in the end, is also likely part of what makes the music so powerful and memorable.

The EP follows up on  my 1Day’s first single “Torn” which he recorded with New York City-based Producer DonMakesMusic (Sean Don), and Mastering Engineer Dan Millice. The single was and is very popular and helped plant the seed for what “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” is delivering now which is a further development of his style and sound.


Part of the explanation of the Wichita State University graduate’s sound is growing up being exposed to very diverse music genres. Country music was the soundtrack to his home thanks to his mother, who raised him and was a huge fan, and his sister. 1Day went on to explore, learn lessons from and pick up influences on his own from Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Boys II Men, and many others. This outside of the box mix has served him well as an artist who is anything but close minded – and most certainly on the rise.

Details about where to download 1Day’s new EP can be found on his official website. Also the latest news from the artists and how to connect with him on social media. And even get to see him perform live on Twitch doing exclusive content. Don’t miss out to what 1Day is doing, which is something very, very special.

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