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New Pop Artist 1Day Interview I admire Justin Bieber

A new pop artist who has hit the music scene in the USA has caused a bit of a stir. 1Day, who has just released his newest EP “It Sounds Better with Your Eyes Closed” has said he would love to tour the UK.

1Day previous offering “Torn” which he recorded with New York City-based Producer DonMakesMusic (Sean Don), and Mastering Engineer Dan Millice became a huge hit. “Torn” helped 1Day gain a new audience and not just in the USA where he is based, but also around the world. Now, with the latest EP, 1Day is hoping it is going to be just as big.

The new EP is a unique sound of alternative R&B, punk with a touch of Pop. His fans have called the EP amazing, and they are not wrong.

The artist who said he admires Justin Bieber would love to tour the UK, and with his growing fan base in Europe, I don’t think it will be long before he hits our shores.

We decided to sit down with 1Day and find out more about the artist and what makes him tick and who has influenced him and his music.


Tell me about your musical journey. How did you become 1Day? I’ve been singing my entire life; however, I began to take it more seriously once I reached my later years of high school. I joined show choir and started to learn more about singing on a very basic level. Once I got into college I had dreams of becoming an artist but didn’t begin to cultivate any real following, nor did I have music of my own. By my junior year of college, I got pretty serious with a mentor and started building my brand but still didn’t release any of my own music. Fast forward to a few years later into 2018 where I decided to finally release my first single “Torn” as my new artist name 1Day. I chose this name because I felt like my entire life I said I’d get to music one day, but it never seemed to happen. So, I just went with that title and it stuck.


What age were you when you starting singing? Age 4 or 5.


With your powerful voice, at what age were you when you thought, I could make a living out of this? I started to believe it around age 15 or 16, but was too shy to do anything about it until about age 21.

You are a Punk Rock/Indie Pop artist from Topeka, Kansas, was it an easy choice to decide that this was the type of music you wanted to produce, or did you try other styles as well? I never thought in my life I’d do any form of Rock music or pop for that matter. I was always influenced by old school R&B and rap/hip-hop. I honestly thought I’d be strictly R&B.

1Day InterviewAs a child you spent a lot of time on your own as your mum was always working, how did music help you? Music provided me an outlet to express my feelings without having someone around consistently to talk to. Instead of internalizing a lot of problems I would just sing or write them in a song.


What was your mom’s reaction when you said you wanted to become an artist instead of getting a nine to five job? Well my mom always thought I would fall into music. So, once I told her I wanted to move to New York to finally pursue my dream she said something along the lines of “Well, it took you long enough.”


When you were growing up, who were your biggest musical influences? Biggest musical influences were Chris Brown, Boys II Men, NSYNC, Justin Bieber, and Jamie Foxx.


A lot of people said Justin Bieber influenced them when they were growing up, but felt let down by him in recent years due to his behaviour, what are your thoughts about Justin going off the rails? To be thrust into the spotlight and give up anonymity at such an early age can be daunting to say the least. I think he handled it well throughout his career considering the fact that virtually his entire life was put under a magnified glass. I know a lot of individuals, who, if given the same spotlight, wouldn’t fare well at all. So, I commend him for his efforts and working through everything. He is his own man and over the years I’ve got to see him grow up, being that we are the same age. I think society is much too hard on people with a “celebrity” status. The mental taxation alone can destroy individuals lives.


What was the first album you bought? First album I bought would’ve been Snoop Doggs – “R&G” album.


You have just released your latest track the EP “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” can you tell me more about the EP? This EP is a sonic journey from start to finish meant to give listeners an eclectic taste of my sound whilst also bringing out an emotional ambiance that, for me anyway, gives nostalgic affirmation. It was a long time in the making, but FINALLY its out.


Did you write “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed”? Yes, I wrote the whole thing from start to finish, and even produced a few of the songs myself.


When writing music, what is your writing process? I wouldn’t say there’s much to the “process” of my writing. I make sure that every idea that comes to my head I write down in a notepad on my phone or physically, and I try to sing some melodies into a voice recording app. My number one rule is to never let an idea slip away. I’m super forgetful so if I let an idea go it’s usually gone forever.


What age were you when you first performed live? I was 8 years old, and it was for a competitive church choir performance.


Can you remember how much you were paid? Nothing ($0.00). I did it because my mother said to.


You have played at lots of different venues, which has been your favourite and most memorable? Favourite venue to play at thus far would have to be the Kansas Expo-Center, because it’s in my hometown.


If you could choose any pop group, or artist to have a collaboration with, who would it be any why? Justin Bieber. He’s a legend in the making, and I’d love to be a part of his story and have him be a part of mine. It would be a full circle, and fulfilling thing.


There have been some amazing boy bands over the years, if you were invited to be an additional member of any boy band who would it be and why? Bell Biv Devoe, because they had a cool swagger about them and I’ve always been a fan of their music.

1Day InterviewFor people who want to see you perform live, where can they see you? Normally you can find where I’m going to be through my website, so it is hard to pin point where to see me perform live for specific individuals. However, I am usually on Twitch Live doing online performances from time to time.


Have you ever considered doing a tour of the UK? Yes! I have a few friends that live overseas and I’ve always been fascinated with other cultures.


If you were not a musician what would you have been? If I was not a musician I’d be coaching college (American) football.


A lot of teenagers who dream of going into the music industry get told off their teachers and parents to get a real job instead of dreaming, what would you say to those teenagers? I would say it’s all about the grind and enjoying the process. Music must be a side hustle until it becomes your main source of income. You have to invest said income from a job you dislike into yourself and your music. There is no timetable for success since this creative field is subjective. Build a fanbase through relationships and consistency in your work and you’ll be delightfully surprised at the responses you get. Never stop learning and honing in on your craft as well. And lastly STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK OF YOU!!!!


So, what is next for you? Working on some new singles and another EP at the moment so new music will be coming sooner rather than later this year.

For more information and to order “It Sounds Better With Your Eyes Closed” be sure to visit


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