Sunday, May 22, 2022

Nadine Coyle is set to postpone her wedding as not to upset her fellow singer

The Irish singer has not been the most popular in the band in recent years after according to sources, being unwilling to get back with the girls for a new album and tour. But now it seems the singer had decided that she wants to make amends for her past behaviour and has told Sarah Harding that she will postpone her wedding as she does not want to upstage her.

Nadine who is set to marry American footballer Jason Bell decided that it was best to put her own wedding back so her fellow Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding could have all the attention without both weddings clashing causing problems for the guests.

The lead singer of the band has now told her American boyfriend that the wedding will be put back to 2012.

Sarah is said to be happy with the news, which will now allow her to marry her DJ boyfriend Tom Crane without any problems.

A source told the Sun: “Jason is absolutely desperate to get Nadine down the aisle this summer but she’s told him she’s not doing it until 2012 now. Nadine doesn’t want it to be a compare and contrast between her and Sarah”

“Plus she’s had a rough time over the past few months with her disaster album sales and bad reviews. She isn’t in the right mindset to organise a wedding.”

In the meantime former manager Louis Walsh has said the Girls Should not keep waiting around for Cheryl Cole to make time for the band to keep back together and instead they should ditch her and release a new album. 


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