Thursday, January 20, 2022

Liam Gallagher Wife In No Rush To Speak About Marriage

Family and friends of Liam Gallagher thought his wife Nicole Appleton would be rushing home to have a confrontation with the former Oasis singer about hitting the headlines of his love child, however it seems Nicole is in no rush to talk to her husband about their marriage.

Nicole Appleton was due home two days ago but the former All Saints singer has decided to extend her holiday leaving Liam Gallagher and his marriage up in the air.

We had the Katie Price and the Peter Andre saga where friends and family took side with there being team Katie and team Peter and it seems the same is happening with Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appleton.

‘Nicole Appleton In No Rush To Talk To Liam Gallagher About Their Marriage’

Some family and friends of Nicole are telling her to dump Liam while others are saying give the marriage another chance, on Liam’s team the same is happening with some saying call it a day while others are saying don’t be a plonker, fight for her marriage.

Nicole is still very angry according to a source and feels that her husband has humiliated her. The source said that Liam Gallagher betrayal was not a private affair which would have been bad enough but according to the source, Nicole is embarrassed that it has become headline news.

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has reportedly offered her friend Nicole a place to stay if she needs it.


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