Sunday, May 22, 2022

Katie Price Wedding not as good as her Peter Andre wedding day

Katie Price Wedding day has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, first we had Katie Price worried that she would not be able to find a wedding dress with all the top designers refusing to design her a wedding dress of her dreams, then we had celebrities refusing to accept her wedding invitations and now sources are claiming the wedding day is nothing like the special day she had when she married Peter Andre and is more like a cost cutting exercise.

The Glamour model that has told her guest which we have to admit you can count the huge number celebrities that have agreed to turn up on your right hand, to sign a confidential agreement making people wonder who does Katie Price think she is.

Katie Price who has always believed she is someone that she is not has even haggled the cost of her wedding day to make sure that she can save thousands of pounds on this big pay day, did we mention she is making money from magazine and Television deals?

The reality star has haggled everything from booze to the wedding cake with some sources claiming that the cost of her wedding will cost her a third less than her special day to Peter Andre.

One source said: “This day will be nothing like the special day she had with Peter Andre, it is more about money than every girls dreaming wedding. If Katie can save money she will do, she was not like this with her first wedding to Peter where money was no object.”

Katie wore an amazing £20,000 wedding dress when she married Peter Andre but her wedding to Alex Reid sees Katie wearing a cut price £2,000 wedding dress, just hope Alex Reid does not read anything into that.

Lucky for Alex Reid, my old mum always said, that you cannot put a value on love, if you could then Alex Reid cut price wedding to Katie would speak volumes.


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