Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Kate Middleton Hoax DJ Mel Greig And Michael Christian Worried After Police Become Involved

In2town Lifestyle Magazine have been calling for the police in either the UK or Australia to become involved over the shocking Kate Middleton hoax call which resulted in a valued nurse taking her own life and now it looks like we have got our wish. Australian DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian have become worried after Scotland Yard contacted Australian police over the shocking incident.

Valued nurse Jacintha Saldanha was sadly found dead a couple of days after the shocking prank call from Djs Mel Greig and Michael Christian but still the radio station refuse to sack the Djs.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police announced: “Officers have been in contact with Australian authorities.”

  ‘Scotland Yard Police Get Involved With The Kate Middleton Hoax Call’


The radio station, 2DayFM who have refused thousands of calls to sack the pair have said Mel Greig and Michael Christian are on definite leave and are receiving counselling to help them cope with what has happened.

  • The deputy commissioner for New South Wales Police, Nick Kaldas, told Sky News: “It hasn’t been indicated to us that an offence has occurred and they have not actually asked for anything yet. They’ve simply touched base, let us know of their interest and they will get back to us if they actually want something done. Nothing has been requested of us yet.”

    According to legal experts, they feel it will be unlikely that the radio DJs will be prosecuted which will no doubt leave more advertisers for the radio station pulling their adverts from the popular station.

    The radio station have reported to have lost a great deal of money in lost advertising revenue and reports have suggested this will continue to happen as more advertisers take their business elsewhere.


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