Saturday, May 28, 2022

Jennifer Aniston Could Have Had Brad Pitt Baby

Sexy Jennifer Aniston who is rumoured to be broody could have had Brad Pitt baby if she listened to her agent.

The Hollywood actress who has had no luck when it comes to men since the break up of her marriage to Brad Pitt was told by her former agent to get a sperm donation from Brad Pitt after they broke up in 2005 it has been reported.



Sue Mengers who died in October 2011 aged 78 told Jennifer Aniston to ask Brad Pitt for a sperm donation so she could have his baby but the Hollywood actress decided against it.

According to columnist Maureen Dowd Jennifer Aniston was told by Sue Mengers that if she wanted children in the future then Brad Pitt looks would make the ideal baby but Jennifer thought the idea was silly and refused to ask Brad Pitt who is now with Angelina Jolie to go ahead with the sperm donation.

Jennifer Aniston has said recently she is in no hurry to have a baby but sources have claimed that she is hoping to find the right man to have a baby with.


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