Wednesday, May 25, 2022

ITV deny Cheryl Cole is leaving The X Factor

It has been reported that Cheryl Cole is leaving the X Factor but according to ITV the stories are a complete fabrication and Cheryl Cole who this week divorced Chelsea Footballer Ashley Cole will not be going anywhere. It has also been decided that Cheryl Cole will be a judge on the American X Factor and according to sources; this was the reason why the Girls Aloud singer was leaving the ITV show.

According to The News of The World, Cheryl Cole will be moving to the US permanently to live with boyfriend Derek Hough that contradicts what Derek has said recently, that he wants to find a house in London so he can increase his profile in the UK.

The source told The Newspaper: “This is Cheryl Cole phase two. She’s not changing her name but she’s changing every other aspect of her life. She wouldn’t have the time to do both of the X Factors plus release new songs – and she’s got her heart set on America where Derek lives.

Simon Cowell believes she will be a huge star in the States. The US show is a huge opportunity but she’d have to give up the show here because she wouldn’t be able to do her music too. In Britain, her priority is music and it always will be. She’s primarily a music star and she feels three years on The X Factor will be enough.

“Plus, everything’s going to be shaken up in the next series so this is the perfect time for her to bow out. ITV will do everything they can to keep her but she doesn’t need the money. She only really did this series because of her close friendship with Simon.”

According to ITV, reports that there will not be an X Factor next year is complete rubbish and according to a source at ITV, he said: “There is no way ITV would let The X Factor go from our screens for one year, it is one of the most successful ITV shows ever and is one of the biggest advertising revenue hits they have.”


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