Thursday, January 27, 2022

HRH Prince Harry’s Car Was Involved in An Accident

Prince Harry who is to be his brother’s best man was involved in a car accident In2town Lifestyle Magazine can report. The 26-year-old prince was travelling in an unmarked police car when it hit a photographer, resulting in the photographer being taken to hospital.

The unmarked police car was taking Prince Harry home after he was partying with his girlfriend Chelsy Devy when the accident happened.

According to Metro newspaper, the photographer was left with tyre marks across his legs and was immediately taken to Westminster Hospital for treatment.

A witness has claimed that the prince’s car drove straight over the photographer foot and did not stop to check if the photographer was ok, leaving the witness shocked at the actions of the prince and his bodyguards.

A police spokesman has confirmed:

“We can confirm that an unmarked police vehicle did hit a man at around 2am. The man was taken to hospital by London Ambulance Services and he has sustained a leg injury.”

It is not yet known if any action will be taken against the Prince who his driver.



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