Sunday, May 22, 2022

Cheryl Cole Angry With Ashley Cole Over Affair

Former X Factor judge Cheryl Cole who has announced she is getting back with Girls Aloud, has said that she is angry with Ashley Cole over his affair. Now some of you may think she is angry over the actual affair but according to reports, the Girls Aloud star is angry that her former husband has never apologised.

29 year old Cheryl Cole who has said the way Simon Cowell treated her over her USA X Factor sacking was disgraceful, said on the Alan Carr show that her Chelsea footballer ex husband Ashley Cole, has never apologised for his cheating.

‘Cheryl Cole Says Ashley Cole Has Not Said Sorry Over Affair’


The former X Factor judge said if he did apologize then that would mean he would have to admit he was wrong and it was his fault that the marriage ended.

Sources at ITV have said Cheryl Cole would be save The X Factor but according to sources in Cheryl Cole’s camp there is no way she would return to the show.


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