YouTube Bans KKKILLA KKKOP Rap Song

When the headline ‘Leading Video Sharing Platform Bans Controversial Police Rap Song For Graphic Violence’ fans of the rap song KKKILLA KKKOP were shocked.

No one could understand why YouTube would ban a video which was made up of clips already on the popular video sharing platform. However, that is what YouTube did. It was not just YouTube who banned the video to KKKILLA KKKOP, Vimeo also banned it.

According to YouTube and Vimeo, the reason why they banned it was down to the video violating their rules, which made no sense when the material was already available on their platform. There was no way the video violated their rules. The situation got so serious that even the FBI got involved. So, what is the update on the video?

We decided to speak to the team behind the rap song KKKILLA KKKOP to see what has now happened and if the video is now available, this is what they had to say.


  1. You have just released a new video for the rap song KKKILLA KKKOP, how has it been received? The fans love it from Frisco to Maine all the way to Spain…but the Hip Hop police, and censors have went straight after us over the video and song. Youtube, and Vimeo banned the video despite it being 100% comprised of video material they already have up on their platforms with millions of hits. So, they are saying that THEY are violating their rules and regulations on explicit and violent content, right? The FBI has called me twice and wrote me within 24 hours of the announcement of the release of the song. It is the NWA and “FTP” all over again.
  2. So, the video has been banned by YouTube, has YouTube ever banned a video before this? I have never heard of YouTube banning a music video, especially one comprised of all YouTube material.  “FTP” is all over YouTube, and news clips of the blue on Black police shootings come from news clips posted on YouTube.  You tell me how we are getting banned then?  But that has been the controversy surrounding the track from day 1. The track predicted the Daunte  Wright shooting it predicted the judge in the Andrew Brown Jr shooting klanning up with the cops. Some people just can’t take seeing all the action strung together real world.  And this is just the teaser video, we are shooting a full version with actors such as Piper Perri (Julienne Frederico) that is Martin Scorcese meets The Clash and George Floyd. It makes the current video that everyone is so upset about look like Sesame Street.
  3. How did it make you feel when the video was banned? I detest censorship of any kind.  The West’s strength is our culture of “if you don’t like it, change the radio station.”  Imagine if the same atmosphere that exists today existed in the West in the 1950’s- 1970’s…no Rolling Stones, no Clash, no Scorpions, no Sex Pistols, no Led Zeppelin, and no Beatles. Prince would have been banned on day 1, right along with David Bowie and Elvis. Hell, they’d ban Mozart today-that’s how bad off we are. My feelings toward the matter is you are banning a video and song for TELLING you the story of what really happened. Which is worse, the actual killing of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd or a video and rap track telling the story of that killing? Get it? We are verbal photojournalist, lyrical reporters bringing you the streets.  That’s whats wrong with the West these days, we have went full “1984.” Instead of MAGA-Make America Great  Again-what about Make George Orwell Fiction Again! We are a “1984”culture, with a “Fahrenheit 451″ society, and naturally it has yielded ” A Clockwork Orange” killers from killer cops, to school shooters, etc.  I mean why wasn’t there an epidemic of these types of crimes before in Western culture?  Because we lived in the real world instead of being Generation Deluded.”
  4. The video has been made up entirely of YouTube clips, so why do you think YouTube banned it? It’s hard to watch all that carnage one after the other.  See that is the killer, excuse my pun.  People have watched the video and began crying, some people have fainted, some have thrown up.  The reality hits you when you see all those shootings one after another, a lot of people just don’t like the truth, especially in America. But it shows the deeper problem with today’s art, real art is actually hated because it is positive and free, while fake-ality TV, and sociopath media are embraced as if it was art when both are a complete fraud.  See we are through the looking glass, that’s why our societies in the West, especially America are dying.  When was the last time there was good news about America?
  5. It was not just YouTube who banned it, it was banned by all streaming sites. I hear that some of them have no lifted the ban after a huge uproar, are there any streaming platforms that have not lifted the ban? They all lifted it. The ban was over the cover art and lyrics. Then so many people got killed by cops on camera and so many cops got caught actually being in the KKK  that the download sites just had to make the move. At that point it became absurd even to them.  That combined with so many people trying to purchase the song from the US, Canada, Europe, etc.  The ban stopped making sense even to them.
  6. You have said gives the listener and viewer a look into what goes through the mind of police such as convicted murderer Derek Chauvin, what do you mean by that? Every day I wake up the 1st thing I tell myself is life ain’t fair, especially for a man.  I might lie to a girl to get her back to the MoMo-the motel, but I will NEVER lie to me.  That’s when you are done.  The track is EXACTLY what I have heard cops say to me and my boys since we were kids.  Cops have been caught on their body cameras saying exactly what’s in the song.  And there in lies the problem…it’s the raw truth and again, Westerners. especially Americans have been trained like Pavlovian dogs to HATE the truth. But the truth still happens.  Derek Chauvin has a lot of company in the American police job I bet you that.  The body count proves me right and my critics dead wrong…
  7. Was the video and track released as part of the Black Lives matter campaign? We actually came up with the track before Black Lives Matter came to the forefront, but in show biz it’s all about timing.  So, we held back on it until now.  But think about it, how could so many people not just in the US, but all around the world have so much empathy with the victims of     guys like Derek Chauvin?  It is because they know the truth.  Those people out marching in BLM get it, this is like the 60’s all over again, and we are putting out the soundtrack this great event like Hendrix, the Stones, and the Beatles did then.
  8. What do you think Martin Luther King would think of the Black Lives Matter campaign? MLK once said, “Instead of burn baby burn, I say learn baby learn, so you can earn baby earn.”  He would not say that today. MLK also said he was peaceful, but not a pacifist. I think even MLK would see what we see with the track KKKilla KKKop, the cops aren’t going to stop themselves, so what’s left? What you see with BLM.
  9. Do you hope the video and track will help people gain insight into what is currently happening in America? America has to, we are pretty much done in the post Covid-19 world.  We are violating what Lincoln said during the Civil War when his Secretary of War told him to attack Britain so the South would join the North in that fight and forget about the Civil War.  Lincoln said, “One war at a time.”  America is not in a good position in the world right now, and really can’t afford to be at Civil War while it is at war with pretty much the rest of the world to some degree. The track and video the cold slap to reality that America needs.  A lot of these killings are about other things. For example, you mentioned MLK. The KKK said during the 60’s that their problem with King wasn’t equal rights, it was the rumor that King had the key to the bedroom of every White woman in the South.  So, this is a lot about sex.  You have innocent, sweet peaches and cream Piper Perri, who becomes a porno star.  Who do you think her father blames for this? Himself?  No, guys that look like me, just like a lot of police blame guys like me for their daughter’s getting turned out.  When in reality, it is the girl that has all the power.  I know one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses, Joslyn James, who had the power there. Tiger Woods the Man of Steel, with an absolutely gorgeous wife, went after Joslyn James, not the other way around.  It is Sampson and Delilah-Antony and Cleopatra all over again.  And today, these young girls are smart as hell!  But on both levels, ain’t no victims here, just volunteers. Everyone wants the toolery and jewelry. I can’t hate, but we are being hated on.  So, like my musical heroes, I named before, in the end we will win, you just cannot beat reality, and its best to never try.

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