Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Ruthless Film Awards. A new Way of doing Film Festival

In the last decade we have seen many film festivals bringing together filmmakers from all around the globe to celebrate the movie making industry. Film festivals are an incredible way to network and meet new fellow filmmakers and it is the perfect event to open the door for new, exciting collaborations.

Over the past years, all of these film festivals have adopted the same rules and protocols, focusing mainly on the selected movies out of hundreds or even thousands who submitted to the festival. But what about the others?

Ruthless Film Awards (RFA) is a brand new way of thinking short films. It focuses on the best without leaving everyone else empty handed.

Ruthless Film Awards

Held in the heart of Los Angeles, Ruthless film Award, founded by two Italian filmmakers, Emanuele Daga and Matteo Martignago, is not an ordinary film festival. It is a one-night-only private screening of five selected short films for an exclusive audience of registered agents, managers, producers and entertainment lawyers.

Emanuele and Matteo thought about a new way of conducting film festivals. The vast majority of the festivals only focuses on the selected movies, keeping the rest clueless on why they weren’t selected and, most importantly, what they could have done differently for the movie to work better.

That’s why every participant at the RFA will receive a detailed one-page analysis with a “Ruthless Score”, broken down into individual scores for Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Acting, Sound & Editing.

Ruthless Film Awards

The 5 short films with the highest score will be screened at the event in December in front of an audience of registered agents, managers, producers, and entertainment lawyers.

This new system will change the way people and filmmakers look at film festivals. Either if you are selected or not, you will always get something valuable out of it. If you are selected you even get the chance to showcase your work and connect with professionals in the industry and therefore make new incredible connections that will tremendously help your career.

This is a new exciting and innovative way of doing film festivals and not only as a judging tool but as an educational one as well!



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