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Only Fans Expert Talk About Being A Success On Only Fans or OFWithJosh has come up with a new strategy to help individuals and businesses increase their Social Media credibility. In the announcement shared with pressmen, they mentioned that their area of expertise now includes; Handling OnlyFans Accounts & boosting the engagement and follower counts of diverse Social Media accounts.

They mentioned that this new program was being charted to ensure that members of the public with interests in building a credible social media following are able to do so without having to spend a ton of time and effort on challenging components, giving creators the freedom to exert their focus on other parts of their business/life.

Also, it was mentioned that the purpose of making this available and helping indivduals create an extra income stream which that service which will help content creators wanting to start OnlyFans or already on OnlyFans, which is a adult viewing site that thrives on premium and exclusive access to major players in the adult entertainment industry, is to ensure these set of people are able to make a good living off their honest efforts, due to the high competition for attention in the industry.

Furthermore, they made a bold promise of service when they stated that as a mode of payment for their improved services, especially on the OnlyFans platform, creators will split their earnings on a 50-50 basis with no upfront costs, like other management services.

In their submission, this, amongst many other feats, is what qualifies & boosts their status as an industry giant in their niche, which also means more individuals can trust their brand for efficient branding services.

We decided to speak to the OfWithJosh behind the success story and learn more about Only Fans and


Why has Only Fans become so popular?

I believe OnlyFans has become so popular in the past year or two as people have been staying inside more, due to Covid and need someone to satisfy and talk to and the adult industry itself has always been growing in popularity and the stimulates you receive by having a connection with the creator.


When people think of Only Fans, a lot of people think about sexy pictures, is that what Only Fans is all about?

Not at all, in a fan perspective it’s more about getting the time to chat with them and that’s where many girls go wrong and miss out on the big $$

Obviously the fan needs to feel some sort of connection to pay the creator as they are paying for that opportunity to imagine themselves with the creator and any other to satisfy themselves.


Only Fans has become a big money spinner for tens of thousands people. Each week women are giving up their 9 to 5 jobs to earn more money on Only Fans, why has Only Fans become one of the fastest money spinners in recent times?

OnlyFans is just E-commerce, selling content and the connection, yet creators fail to realize that after making some good money it won’t stay unless you know how to run it like a business, not only have I ran multiple Online E-commerce stores myself I have gained that knowledge on how to retain a customer. OnlyFans is a subscription based model, but the fact fans can pay for extra content and connections is the biggest reason as to why it’s so big today.


You run an Only-Fans Management service, what do you mean by that?

Essentially I help any certain creator that is struggling to continue scaling and that wants more free time with less work, money, and continue making money and not just be a one hit wonder.

I understand premium pricing, and building that strong connection and maintaining a subscriber for a significant amount of time than what the creator could by themselves.

Nearly every business in the world has a team, and the way you become successful in this adult industry is by having a great team that understands and respects you as a creator and knows how to sell content to any audience. So many girls nowadays undervalue themselves by charging so cheap, yet they could be making a lot more by charging the correct price. As TheMacLyf has stated “Charging a premium always wins”.


Are you saying that people who want to use your service to make money on Only Fans have a higher chance of succeeding success in a quicker timescale?

100% just like any business it runs on a framework, and a framework will work over and over again, not just once.

Having the right team to guide you and having a mentor to help you through your business journey as a OnlyFans creator is the best way to make consistent and scalable income, not only do you have everything managed for you, you’ll be making more money, less time you need to put in and a mentor and guide which is all you need, having the right people in your corner will always be better than just having 1 person.


What would you say is your biggest success story?

My biggest success has been with TikTok, I constantly look for trends and ways to grow my girls TikTok accounts as TikTok is so powerful and can change anyones life in a day, and so I had suggested to my girl to try out this sound and dance to grow her account and she did so, she took my advice, and she had won. Gaining over 2500 fans within a couple of days after posting that TikTok, crazy. 2500 x her subscription price $17.99, you do the math. That’s just subscriptions, and 80% of our revenue come from PPV messages

With your help, can anyone make money on Only Fans?

Yes of course, anyone can make money, but to make serious money you need the correct framework, and structure, and team, just like any business. If you want to make it big, you need to know how to sell and market your product.


Obviously you do not do this for free, so what do you charge people for your services, and is there any upfront fee?

With my OnlyFans Management Service, there is no upfront costs (that could change as my services are so valuable) but majority of my girls are on a 50/50 split with some exceptions to high earners.


Is everyone allowed to join your service, or do you only help women and certain women?

Due to my high demand of girls wanting my service I hand pick my creators, and if I or my team struggle, we will not take on any girls for the time being until we can provide the best service for each individual creator and grow their account tremendously.

To learn more about the Only Fans professionals, please visit or Message on Instagram to apply @ofwithjosh or @millionswithof



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