Monday, May 23, 2022

Couch Tutors Global set to launch in fall 2022 providing education solutions to students worldwide

Edutech start-up will deliver learning programs to students with more than 500 tutors in 60 different countries and is currently crowdfunding to build its army of educators. Their rigourous screeening process stands them above other similar services. 1% of all revenue generated from the platform will be reinvested in students that can’t afford supplemental education.

Couch Tutors Global, an edutech start-up company, will officially launch in the fall of 2022. The company will deliver education solutions to students around the world, enabling individuals to gain much-needed schooling to achieve their academic and career goals. Couch Tutors Global aims to connect students of all ages with the best educators in the world.

The company has already pre-screened more than 500 tutors from 60 countries with the capability of teaching 118 subjects in many different cultures. Tutors are highly qualified and capable of delivering education solutions and tutoring to students of all ages. The variety of tutors enables Couch Tutors Global to work with students in multiple languages and subjects.

Couch Tutors Global is currently crowdfunding to build its army of educators and the edutech start-up is providing investors with future equity in the company. Investors will receive future shares of Couch Tutors Global that could be highly valuable in the future.

Perks for investors investing $1,000 or more include a gift card of five hours of tutoring valid for up to nine months after the Couch Tutor Global website launches. An investment of $10,000 or more will provide investors with a gift card worth 50 hours of tutoring valid for up to nine months after the website’s official launch.

The current crowdfunding goal is $50,000 and the money will enable Couch Tutors Global to cover its initial start-up costs of building a tutor team and building infrastructure. Couch Tutors Global will dedicate 1% of all proceeds to helping educate underserved populations around the world.

Maher Dabbouseh founded Couch Tutors Global with the passion to help others succeed in education. Dabbouseh has over 20 years of higher education experience and a proven track record of helping universities grow. Online learning continues to grow to new levels and a great emphasis has been put on non-traditional learning in the last three years. Dabbouseh understands there is a major shift currently occurring in private tutoring. By 2026, the private tutoring market is projected to be worth $201 billion.

To learn more about the Couch Tutors Global crowdfunding campaign, please visit the official website.

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