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UK Firm Disrupts the Jobs Marketplace with Innovative Employment Model

Staffa will offer attractive benefits to both employers and employees looking to participate in the sharing economy trend


London, United Kingdom April 15, 2020 —Staffa, the world’s first and only fully outsourced workforce service, has announced that it will launch its digital platform later this month. Through its innovative AI-powered service, Staffa connects employers and employees, helping to stabilise the job market while providing never before offered benefits for both groups of stakeholders. 

In an increasingly unstable job market, Staffa seeks to help both employees and employers find stability. For employees who are on the job market, securing the ideal employment opportunity that meets their needs for scheduling, pay, and professional development can be a challenge. And as the economy rapidly shifts and employers’ needs shift with it, many employees find themselves in perilous employment situations that often result in layoffs and unemployment. Staffa seeks to put an end to this uncertainty for employees, giving them a lifelong, rewarding employment opportunity that provides them with ownership over their personal and professional lives.  

Think of Staffa as new breed of online job and educational  marketplace. Instead of simply placing an employee with an employer, Via its select partners, Staffa hires the employees to be part of its workforce, offering competitive pay, benefits, and world-class continuing education opportunities. Employees have the power to decide what type of work they want to accept, which includes part-time, temporary, permanent, or contract jobs. 

For employers, Staffa helps cut down on on the time and costs organisations face in conducting their own searches or working with traditional staffing agencies. Staffa helps match employers looking for staff with its internal pool of employees, all without any agency fees, recruiting costs, NI, or PAYE costs. Through an easy-to-use portal, employers can request or search for a qualified Staffa team member to fill any open positions. Staffa offers employers a vast bank of talented employees seeking temporary, permanent, and contract positions, providing much needed flexibility and cost savings.

“The jobs market landscape is rapidly shifting, and it’s important for companies to be cognisant of these shifts and the new technologies that can help them better manage their time and financial resources during these uncertain times. And for employees, the job market can be even more chaotic, with cut backs, closures, and downsizing,” said Stephen Soos and CEO. “Our goal at Staffa is to help alleviate instability for both employers and employees by disrupting the traditional way of doing things. We give employers a cost-effective way to acquire without cost talented employees that meet their human capital needs while giving job seekers a stable employment opportunity that is customised to their needs and invests in their professional development and career longevity.” 

To learn more about Staffa and to pre-register for its services as an employee, employer, or value partner, visit  




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