Tuesday, May 24, 2022

The first 170 GPAINNOVA RESPIRA emergency ventilators have arrived in Bolivia

Jeanine Añez, President of Bolivia, has received the first 170 RESPIRA ventilators purchased by the Bolivian government so that they can be used urgently in the coming days

Government Minister Arturo Murillo reported last Sunday, May 10th, the purchase and that a plane from the Bolivian state airline (BoA) would travel to Barcelona to transport approximately 200 GPAINNOVA ventilators.

GPAINNOVA’s RESPIRA device is expanding in different countries of the world to respond to the Covid-19 health emergency.

Today, President Jeanine Áñez has received the first 170 RESPIRA that Bolivian national government acquired to face the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and has already delivered 30 of them to the department of Santa Cruz and the rest are will deliver according to the needs of each municipality.

The president explained that the arrival of these respirators was delayed due to the international demand that exists for this equipment throughout the world due to the pandemic.

Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID) reported that it financed the purchase and transport from Barcelona of 170 ventilators to serve critically ill patients affected by Covid-19.

The  Bolivian Ministry of Health, Arturo Murillo reported last Sunday that a Bolivian state airline (BoA) plane would travel in the next few hours and would travel to Europe to transport approximately 200 respirators, because in the current global pandemic event due to coronavirus, respirators are the most important and most necessary equipment for Bolivian hospitals to care for patients with Covid-19 and to save their lives.

Bolivia, with a population of 11,35 million inhabitants, has exceeded 3,000 cases of infections and a total of 142 deaths due to Covid-19

Bolivian Consulate General in Barcelona, in the hands of his Consul General, the Hon. Mr. David Alberto Pareja Lozada, has played a fundamental role in the entire process of RESPIRA  purchase. On the other hand, the export company IMEConsulting in Bilbao, Vizcaya, with extensive experience in international trade, has participated as an exporter and distributor in the Bolivian operation.

Several countries around the world are completing the procedures to acquire GPAINNOVA’s RESPIRA as an emergency invasive ventilator specially designed to treat patients with serious conditions caused by COVID-19 that require invasive ventilation.

The Spanish multinational company GPAINNOVA is leading the RESPIRA project to respond to the global health emergency with the creation of this medical device, which is in great demand and is essential to save the lives of those most seriously affected by the virus Covid-19.

RESPIRA has been recently developed and patented. It has been authorized by Autoridades Sanitarias Españolas (AEMPS) to be used during the COVID-19 emergency situation and is in the process of CE and FDA certification. Any country in the world can join the medical trial and validate RESPIRA according to local regulations before final certification is granted.

The device covers the shortage of emergency ventilators and ICUs, as it can carry out two critical phases of pneumonia due to COVID-19. RESPIRA ventilator carries out three modes of invasive ventilation, both for patients under clinical sedation and for those recovering after sedation.

The use of a control station allows managing up to 16 devices simultaneously through its own WI-FI network.

RESPIRA is supported by technologists and partners from globally recognized companies such as SIEMENS and SMC and uses only certified and high-quality components.


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