Thursday, January 20, 2022

Texas Company BizeeBay Offers Free Take-Out Delivery Websites To Combat Coronavirus Financial Damage

The coronavirus has become the biggest battle the world has ever faced since the second world war. It’s not just causing people to become ill, it’s also forcing businesses to close for good.

With Governments around the world bringing in emergency lock down laws, the smaller businesses are being hit the hardest. Sadly, some business experts predict that a quarter of small businesses may never recover. One company in Austin, Texas who is determined to help some of those businesses survive is providing a vital service for free.

BizeeBay, a leading digital marketing agency in Austin, Texas has been offering restaurants and food trucks FREE Take-out and Delivery Websites During COVID-19 Shut Down. They are creating template-based websites and applications for free to Austin restaurants that are directly impacted by the COVID-19 Virus.

These websites are being designed to help streamline their take-out and delivery process with completion times of less than 24 hours.

“When looking into the future on who is going to be impacted the most from the current economic standpoint in Austin my brain instantly gravitated to the effects these shutdowns will have on food service workers. That’s when I knew we could help,” said Jordan Lewis, co-founder of BizeeBay.

Local Austin businesses have credited BuzeeBay for being their for them in their hour in need, so we decided to sit down with Jordan Lewis, co-founder of BizeeBay to find out more about their amazing offer to help local business owners during the coronavirus crisis.

BizeeBay digital marketingYou have announced that you are offering to build free take out and delivery websites during the COVID-19 Shut Down, why have you decided to do that?

At BizeeBay we have always positioned ourselves to do whatever we can to help small businesses grow. So, upon learning about Austin’s restaurant and bar closings we decided the best way for us to help our community is to provide business solutions in that space. From there we developed a cookie cutter app and website that allows us to simply upload company graphics and import their menu. Following this process has allowed us to launch 11 websites in only 3 days!

For people who don’t understand what a Take-Out and Delivery Website is, can you please explain?

A website that you can place your food orders for pick up or delivery. Just like ordering pizza from, but for any restaurant.

This is a great idea, and you must be commended for doing that, but won’t these businesses already have a website of their own?

Many local restaurants do have websites, but many of them do not have the functionality in place to accepts orders, schedule takeout pickups, or accept payments. For many of the restaurants we have helped so far already had or have another website. The website that we are offering for free to the restaurants that are affected by the COVID-19 crisis is strictly designed to help transition their business to takeout and deliveries as efficiently as possible.

You said that many restaurants and food trucks are not properly prepared for moving to 100% take out and delivery, can you explain what you mean by this?

Just looking at the basics necessary for a restaurant to be takeout and delivery only requires some preplanning or a significant amount of creativity. Do they have enough takeout boxes? Do they have enough plastic ware? Do you have enough disposable containers for your sauces; etc? If you don’t already have a platform in place for your customer to order from then it’s all irrelevant. 

Experts are predicting that a lot of businesses are going to go bust because of the Coronavirus, how much of a positive impact will your offer make on the food industry?

It is impossible to say, but we must try. Many business owners don’t know the first thing to do when it comes to website development or digital marketing. I wanted to take this opportunity to help small businesses for selfish reasons too. I’m not going to lie. We get to keep our staff employed and busy while creating good publicity and growing our network. That’s how it should be though! Getting creative to help companies that need you to, in turn, benefit your own company in the future.

You have already helped 11 restaurants with your offer, and you are continuing to help more, how many businesses do you think you will be helping?

That’s a good question! We will be accepting restaurants that want our help all the way until the ban is off in Austin, Texas. The only requirement is that you are not a franchise restaurant, and you are part of the Austin restaurant and bar ban. I am still getting over 10 emails and phone calls a day from local restaurants inquiring.

BizeeBay digital marketingThe offer you are providing is incredible and will help a lot of business owners survive, what would you like to see other businesses do to help people in this difficult time?

Anything! So many businesses are going to be impacted in a negative way from this, but small businesses will take the biggest hit! I love the idea of every business calling their business neighbours and simply offering a helping hand. It could just be for a couple roll of toilet papers or maybe help launching a new website that has functionality necessary to survive the COVID-19 crisis.

You are based in Austin, Texas, would you like to see other companies in your field around the world to follow your example and offer the same service?

Absolutely! I encourage my competitors to do the same! There are too many restaurants, food trucks, and bars in Austin that need to start preparing for an issue that could last months.

You are looking after other businesses and helping them to survive, but how are you going to survive during the coronavirus crisis?

We luckily have cash reserves that were planning to be used for a down payment on the building of our new office space in East Austin. We have, also, reached out to all our current clients and helped answer any questions or concerns. We study all our companies in detail which allows us the ability to forecast different trends and put change digital marketing strategies based on demographic changes impacted from changes in the cyclical cycle.

How is your local community coping with the crisis?

Everybody seems to be just fine. I just took a jog around Zilker Park and there was not a quarantinable amount of people. All our clients located in Austin have high hopes for the future and are not letting this stop them.


During the coronavirus crisis, have you seen a change in your local community?

Yeah, it’s dead. I left for the office this morning and didn’t sit at one light. 2 weeks ago, if I would have told I made it from my house to the office in 6 minutes you would have chalked me up as a liar, but it is real. I did that. We Austonians will fight through these times and be better because of it!

To learn more about BizeeBay, and their amazing offer, please visit


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