Startup helps people get back to work, school after pandemic while protecting themselves from coronavirus exposure with face shields

  • TheOneO8’s new face shields are now available to protect wearers from COVID-19 infection while raising funds for Il Ngwesi wildlife conservancy in Kenya

A local startup with a passion for protecting people and planet has worked to rapidly mass produce protective face shields designed to be worn by people going back to school and work as coronavirus pandemic restrictions are gradually lifted.

TheOne08’s new face shield allows people to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 exposure. The comfortable, lightweight shield has more facial surface area coverage than most cloth masks, covering a person’s eyes, nose and mouth in order to reduce the risk of inhaling viral particles. The reusable, washable masks provide extra protection while on the job, entering public spaces, or traveling by bus, train, or airplane.

Manufactured in the USA in the state of Illinois, the shields were designed with comfort in mind, cushioning the face and head with soft foam padding.

TheOne08 was founded by photographer, world traveler and social entrepreneur Amir Hoda to offer stylish products made with cruelty-free, eco-friendly materials sourced using ethical, fair trade practices. One third of all TheOne08’s profits are donated to nonprofit initiatives that promote wildlife conservation. The name of his company was inspired by the ancient belief that the number 108 is the basis of all creation.

During the pandemic, Hoda wanted to find a creative way for people to get back to their pre-pandemic jobs and their social lives without risking infection.

“In addition to social distancing and frequent hand washing, the use of face masks and shields will provide a safer way to interact with others something we’re all craving right now,” Hoda said. “In these times of uncertainty we are called to do things to react to help support the community needs. We are using the resources available to us to increase the safety of our community and create jobs in Illinois.”

Proceeds from the sale of TheOne08 face shields will go toward economically supporting the rangers of Il Ngwesi, who are experiencing economic difficulties due to a decline in tourism caused by the pandemic.

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