Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Spoto Family Wines Announces Featured Spot In Webinar with Karen MacNeil

The company will be speaking with the author of “The Wine Bible” about all things wine and tasting several different varieties as well.

Spoto Family Wines, an ultra-boutique winery will be involved in a virtual “Taste With Karen” live event with on Thursday May 7th, 2020. This meeting will begin at 4:30 pm Pacific time and is hosted by private wine education consultant and renown wine aficionado, Karen MacNeil. Spoto Family Wines’ owner Stuart Spoto will be given an opportunity to showcase one of his winery’s best brands during this meeting. The meeting is expected to last 20 minutes and will allow both Mr. Spoto, along with two other Oakville wineries, and Mrs. MacNeil to talk in depth about the chosen brand of wine and wine in general. Of course, the public is invited to join this meeting and can do so at this website.

“All of us at Spoto Family Wines are excited about being a featured guest on Ms. MacNeil’s live show. While we absolutely love and have a never ending passion for wine at our winery, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who is more knowledgeable and/or ardent about wine than is Karen MacNeil. Being a part of the Oakville Winegrowers Association has many perks and the opportunity to speak to and taste wine with Ms. MacNeil is a one such perk. It’s also a tremendous privilege that both we and our audience is sure to enjoy immensely” says Spoto Family Wines owner,  Stuart Spoto.

Spoto Family Wines is one of the most recognizable names in the world of wine and throughout Napa Valley. The winery’s work begins with only the best grapes and their wine is made by some of the most experienced and impassioned persons in the industry. Through high standards for taste, texture, and quality Spoto Family Wines has earned a reputation as one of the best wineries in all of Calfornia. It’s attention to detail and zeal are unmatched and the winery prides itself on crafting the type of wines that are found in high end restaurants and wine shops.

Mr. Spoto went on to add, “Seeing as how we produce few than 500 cases of premier wines from the Napa Valley each year, quality and care remain our chief concerns. We are able to create connoisseur wines because our entire family shares a profound passion for wine and understands both what our customers  want and expect out of the wines we create.  Our winery was inspired by my father, Henry Spoto, Jr., and we have never wavered from the high standards taught me many years ago.”


About Spoto Family Wines


Spoto Family Wines was founded by Henry Spoto, Jr., whom began making wine from the grapes that grew on his family’s property. As the years progressed both he and his son Stuart Spoto learned the techniques and chemistry needed to make phenomenal wines. The winery has been focused on producing high end wines that are appreciated by even the most fastidious of cognoscentes for decades. Stuart Spoto has been quoted as saying, “Family, friends, food and red wine are key ingredients to a happy life” and this epigram guides and governs the winery in all it produces.


Spoto Family Wines



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