Saturday, May 28, 2022

Sports Predictor with 90% Success Rate Launches

A high-performing sports prediction algorithm by Betting Success is now available from the brand’s newly launched website.

Over the last six months, the accurate algorithm has achieved a 90.2% success rate on 214 predictions, delivering a staggering 2,775% of progression

Engineered by finance industry experts, including ex-traders, investors, and bankers, Betting Success’s prediction tool offers the highest success rate on the market.

“What we’ve been able to achieve is truly astounding,” said Betting Success Founder Thomas Corbelli. “It’s been incredible to see a success rate of over 90% over the last six months.”

The company is promoting its one-of-a-kind product as a financial tool users can adopt to confidently earn money over the long-term. Already, more than 500 YouTubers, Instagrammers, and influencers around the world are raving about their experience with Betting Success.

“We’ve spent a long time ensuring our system benefits users as much as possible,” said Thomas Corbelli.

“The Betting Success team is excited to finally bring our product to market”

Access to Betting Success’s sports prediction algorithm and affiliate program is now available via their website, which launched on the 1st of July. Access to these unique products is available for a below market price of $US19 per month.

As a brand, Betting Success believes in supporting its clients’ path toward financial freedom.

For more information about Betting Success, their sports prediction algorithm, and their affiliate program, visit


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