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Singer Songwriter Mark Carman Launches New Radio Station 1 Hat Media

Mark Carman the man behind the Grammy nominated album “Forever Changed” by country music artist T. Graham Brown has launched a new radio station like no other.

1 Hat Radio which is set to launch on June 15th, 2020 has gained huge exposure around the world, and let’s face it, with all the promises about the new station, its no wonder people are getting excited.

1 Hat Media, which has chosen to launch online to reach a wider audience will be playing music by unsigned bands and singers. As well as providing great entertainment, they will be talking about serious topics on their two talk shows like gun laws in America. They will also be tackling issues such as how the police conduct themselves, which now and always has been a serious problem.

Mark Carman explained: “One of the shows sure to get people talking is A Second Look at the Second Amendment. The other show is where there are discussions with entertainment professionals as they talk about their careers and lives.”

We were so excited to hear about 1 Hat Media and how they intend to send positive message out to their listeners, that we decided to sit down with Mark Carman and learn more about the new radio station.


You have started a new online radio station and podcast, why have you decided to launch a new radio station when there are already so many available?

Most talk programs that deal with current issues are politically and/or socially biased, one way or the other. I have the ability to look at issues in sort of a spherical way as opposed to a flat surface. This station format will examine and discuss issues from the CenterPoint. I believe that 80% of the population just wants peace in their lives, and a safe place to raise enjoy their lives. Instead of catering to the 20% that make up the radicals on either, we seek common ground.


What will make your radio station so different from all the others?

Quite simply, the programming.


Why did you decided to launch an online radio station instead of a traditional one?

The reach of terrestrial or traditional radio is limited. The cyber world enables us to reach literally everywhere, where the internet is available.


So, what type of programs can we expect on the new radio station?

Fresh, sometimes provocative, inspiring, inquisitive, program that crosses political, social and musical boundaries.


You have said that you will be playing independent music, does that mean you will be playing songs by unsigned singers and groups?

Yes, that is the format. An outlet for great music, created by wonderfully talented people, who are not part of the limited mainstream entertainment world.


With the Coronavirus and other issues around the world, there is a lot of negativity, but you have said your radio station is going to change that by giving listeners positive messages, can you explain more?

Yes, we are going to find the silver lining that surrounds every cloud. I believe that within every adversity, lives the seed of an equivalent benefit. We are going to search for it and focus on that.


On your radio station you have two talk shows, can you tell me more about them?

We are going to have more than two, but two in particular will be:  “A Second Look at the Second Amendment” wherein we will discuss firearms Laws and regulations and their effect on American society and culture. The other will be titled “On a Different Note.” We will feature guests from the entertainment world and introduce them their resume, then segway into discussion about current issues. It should be quite interesting.


You will be talking about gun law on your show, can you tell me what is your opinion on the current gun law?

Yes, of course. A feature program will be titled “A Second Look at the Second Amendment.” I am a gun owner myself, yet I have been a strong advocate for reforming firearms regulations in the United States for years. I have had literally millions of views on videos that we’ve posted on various social media platforms, I have appeared on international news programs in numerous countries, I have even been to the Whitehouse working toward a more reasonable, responsible way to address private firearms ownership. This will be one of our flagship programs. It will be provocative and cutting edge, but we will seek the center and a place to build from that both sides of the issue can support.


Will you be talking about the George Floyd situation on your radio show?

Yes, the Floyd Case and other cases involving police use of force, disparity in prison sentences for African Americans, racial inequality and other social issues.


Can we expect some big named stars to appear on your radio show?

Yes, Many notable people will be appearing as guests on the various programs.


1 Hat Media will be available on its dedicated website, the Apple Store, and Google Play Store. For more information on 1 Hate Media and programming, please visit




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