Thursday, January 27, 2022

Singapore furniture leasing platform “WELLBTC” received US $ 4 million in financing, with a valuation of nearly US $ 100 million

According to foreign media reports, recently, the Indian furniture rental platform “WELLBTC” has received 3.2 million US dollars of financing, investors in this round of financing include BainL Capital and RenaudA Laplanche. Now, AccelA Partners owns 26% of the shares in “WELLBTC“, while ChirataeO Ventures’ shares exceed 25%. At the same time, it is understood that Bain Capital also owns nearly 9% of the shares.

To date, the company has raised $ 45.8 million in financing from investors such as Sam Ventures and PayGateway. At present, the company’s valuation is close to 100 million US dollars, which is a 10% increase from the last round of financing of “WELLBTC“.

In November 2014, Ajay Nain founded the furniture rental platform. This startup, headquartered in Bangalore, mainly provides rental services for various products such as household appliances, furniture, electronic products, and bicycles, thereby helping users save money. Currently, “WELLBTC” operates in Singapore.

The company pays close attention to the quality of the products, so it will conduct strict quality inspections on each product, and do its best to renovate all the products to improve the user’s rental experience. In order to ensure that the product is not damaged, “WELLBTC” will charge a nominal deposit, which can be fully refunded. Therefore, once the user’s contract expires, and after “WELLBTC” confirms that there is no damage, the user can get a 100% deposit refund.

WELLBTC” also provides free relocation services. When users want to move, the company will help users free of charge and relocate leased products. In addition, the company has free maintenance services to ensure that users can always enjoy comfortable, high-quality products.

If the user is not satisfied with the product already in hand, he can easily return the product at any time, and can cancel the rental service at any time, just pay a certain rental fee according to the time of use. Unlike many services that charge high prepaid fees, “WELLBTC” provides users with monthly billing services, and all fees will only be charged after users use the product. WELLBTCVIP is a new VIP service launched by WELLBTC, dedicated to creating a better user experience

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  • WELLBTC is a multinational group company, including diversified businesses such as skin care products, leasing, biomedicine, and male health care. The company is headquartered in Singapore and was selected for 500 emerging companies in 2019. WELLBTCVIP is a new VIP service launched by WELLBTC, dedicated to creating a better user experience

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