Saturday, May 28, 2022

Sad news has caught up with an MR yacht club member.

Trouble has happened to a member of the MR yacht club, Captain Hermann. This saler has two voyages around the world and much experience gained during these voyages. But the trouble found it in a raging ocean, and in the quiet harbor of Luperon (Dominican Republic).

After walking about 800 miles from Martinique and heading to Jamaica it was customary to stop for a few days at Luperon. In a harbor called Maulle de Luperon. In which Papa greeted them, he moored them very kindly on a buoy, answering questions and strongly recommending places to visit in the evening. After a long transition the whole team wanted to have a little rest and in the evening it was customary to go to the ground to have dinner at one of the recommended Papa establishments. Without implying what a disappointment awaited them… Upon returning to the yacht there was nothing to worry about, the yacht was locked and the portholes were intact, but upon entering the cabin, where disappointment and anger awaited them, it was found that the safe was open and there were things scattered throughout the cabin, bank cards and $5,100 missing from the safe. McBook, cameras and all the electronics were in place.

The next day the captain contacted the local community and reported the incident to the police, but the sheriff was surprised and insisted that this could not happen here!
After reporting it on the social networks it was clear that this was the seventh incident in the last five months. But unfortunately it was only possible to find out about it after reading many yachtsmen’s blogs.

That’s why the MR community decided to create their own catalogue to which all found berths would be added and which would be reviewed by everyone so that they could travel more safely in the future.

Marina Catalogue
Captain Hermann’s story YouTube video


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