Saturday, May 28, 2022

Rari Capital exits stealth to announce their plans to attract all yield-generating funds on DeFi

After spending the last few months quietly perfecting their strategies and codebase, today Rari Capital publicly announced their vision for the future: building the technology that will allow the masses to earn interest on their idle capital without user intervention.

Rari Capital aims to be the most sophisticated robo-advisor for the DeFi ecosystem, designed from the ground up to deliver the highest possible yield to its users. Rari’s algorithms achieve their astonishingly high APY by constantly and automatically monitoring a wide range of DeFi protocols and reallocating funds towards the opportunities with the highest potential. These opportunities include many exotics strategies beyond basic lending to take full advantage of the “money Lego” effect offered by the diverse DeFi ecosystem to deliver unbeatable yield.

In its current form, Rari Capital will launch a dApp through which anyone can deposit their crypto-assets to have our trustless smart contract automatically rebalance it for maximum yield. The team has worked hard on a risk assessment protocol which they will be sharing in the coming weeks to provide transparency to the public about how they handle integrations. Rari’s first implementation will be lending, as with most of their competitors, but Rari has multiplied yield through their own unique strategy: rebalancing not just between protocols, but between stablecoins as well.

With Rari’s potential for these “exotic” strategies by incorporating different facets of DeFi, they expect to outperform Compound by 2x within the first year. Even as lending rates trend lower, Rari’s future strategies will continue to offset the loss. The team expects to launch the first version of its product by the end of Q2 2020 and is currently running a wait list sign up on their website.

The Rari team is composed of Jack Lipstone, David Lucid and Jai Bhavnani. Lipstone and Bhavnani co-founded Ambo in 2018, later acquired by MyCrypto. Meanwhile, Lucid worked as CTO of CRAFT Scooter before returning to the crypto ecosystem. The team is aiming to become the liquidity layer of DeFi–an uphill battle, yet this team is well-equipped to fight it.



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