Friday, January 21, 2022

Meet mobile app enables professionals to connect with clients remotely during Covid-19 pandemic

Necessity is the mother of invention and it was out of a need to stay connected with individuals during the Covid-19 pandemic that Meet founder Merritt Fletcher created the mobile phone app to keep professionals in contact with customers. Meet is an innovative mobile app that allows professionals to earn money while conducting video calls with clients. Rather than meeting in person due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Meet allows professionals to continue to earn money while connecting with customers and clients through video chat.

Meet is a pre-paid FaceTime video chat mobile app that gives professionals the ability to name their own price per minute and schedule their available time to communicate with customers. Meet works with the user’s phone schedule and automatically connects and disconnects the video chat around pre-purchased time. The app does not share any private information and professionals are only on the video call for the time that was pre-purchased by the customer.

The mobile app is perfect for nurses, veterinarians, school tutors, lawyers, and many more individuals and professional, and a Meet account can be set up in a few minutes. Meet’s goal is to get individuals whose employment was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic back into work. Fletcher also hopes the app will enable individuals to work in a safe environment while still addressing the needs of customers. In the long-term, the app could enable professionals to work remotely and avoid face to face meetings whenever possible.

Meet is just one of Fletcher’s latest creations in the mobile phone arena. She holds a number of patents in mobile communication including “Mobile Device Media streaming ” and “User-Enabled scheduling of Direct Time” (pending). According to Fletcher, there isn’t a way for people to easily meet with others remotely and sell their services to get paid for their time. The entrepreneur built the Meet mobile app to provide professionals a service to work remotely and with the Covid-19 pandemic resulting in millions of people out of work, the app has taken on new capabilities.

“Meet is the ideal app for anyone who can sell a service or skillsets to a customer,” Fletcher said. “The app is also perfect for anyone with followers from social media or online that can market their time and meet with individuals to discuss myriad of topics. To be honest, the capabilities of Meet for professionals are limitless.”

Fletcher has pledged 1% of Meet’s revenues over the next six months will go to charities to help those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. For more information on Meet or to download the buyers or sellers apps, please visit


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