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London Citywide Cleaning Services Talk About Covid-19 Affecting The Business Community

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit businesses all over the UK and the world hard. Business leaders are having to face issues that they never expected they would face and to some extent are ill-prepared for.

One of the major obstacles businesses are facing is how to stay solvent. Many businesses have been forced to close, while some continue to trade with employees working from home. But, for those businesses that do not have a facility to allow their employees to work from home, they have a major battle on their hands.

With hundreds of people dying each day due to the coronavirus, businesses face the struggle of enticing their employees back to work. That problem is not just a current problem. Business experts have said even when the R rate becomes lower and the death rate as the Government calls it becomes acceptable, employees will still be scared to go to work. That is a serious problem business face not just for now, but for many years to come.

For businesses to survive, and for businesses to keep hold of their employees, they need to change their way of thinking. They need to introduce safety measures which will include social distancing, and they will need to make their employees feel safe. One way to make employees feel safe is by making sure they are working in a germ-free environment.

Thanks to the coronavirus, business owners need to re-look at their cleaning practices, and that could mean those who have in-house cleaning teams swapping them for professional cleaning companies. Let us face it, office and commercial cleaning are set to change.

One London Cleaning Company who has moved with the times is Citywide cleaning services. They have launched a London Coronavirus Sanitisation Cleaning Service. This new cleaning service is aimed to combat COBID-19 in the workplace and keep employees safe.

According to the London cleaning company, they have been inundated with businesses in London wanting to use the service. It is not just about making sure the environment is clean, it is also about giving employees the knowledge and the confidence they are working in a safe environment.

Businesses in London who are using the new Citywide cleaning service hope it will help them stay solvent by enticing their employees back to work.

citywide cleaning service londonWe decided to talk to Citywide cleaning service and find out more about their London Coronavirus Sanitisation Cleaning Service, and how COVID-19 is changing the business landscape.


The COVID-19 crisis has turned the business world upside down, how has it affected your business?

Just like most businesses it has hurt the cleaning industry. We all afraid of contracting the virus. The only positive thing for us is that cleaning has become important in the fight against COVID -19


Tens of millions of businesses have now introduced safety measures to keep their staff safe, which includes keeping their premises germ free, have you seen an increase in clients since the coronavirus crisis?

Yes, we are beginning to see an increase in the number of bookings for cleaning. More and more companies are now taking workplace hygiene very seriously


You have introduced a new service to help tackle COVID-19 and keep employees safe, can you tell me about this service?

Yes, Citywide Office Cleaning Company London has just launched a new Antiviral Deep Cleaning Service to help tackle the spread of coronavirus


So how different is this service compared to your normal service?

This is quite different in that we are using approved viruscidal disinfectant and steam cleaning to kills bacteria and viruses causing all sorts of infections including coronavirus


So, how often should a business use your Coronavirus Sanitisation Cleaning Service?

My suggestion is that a business should consider doing this at least 4 times a year


What steps are you taking to protect your team while they are protecting your clients?

Citywide Cleaning Company will always carry out COSHH Assessment of all sites before our Cleaners are sent in. They would have all been trained and we will make sure they are wearing the correct PPE for Antiviral Sanitation Cleaning. 

coronavirus office cleaning londonAre business owners more aware of the need for hygiene and cleanliness?

Part of our job is to educate and convince business owners of the need for hygiene and cleanliness in the wake of the current pandemic


Do you think with the COVID-19 crisis that more companies will now look at hiring professional cleaning companies like yours?

We think it is in their best interest to do so. It will put employees’ minds at rest as they prepare to return to work


Do you think the future of commercial cleaning will now change due to the coronavirus, and how will it affect your business?

It is too early to say that, however, we are hoping people would now take office hygiene very seriously


What steps can businesses take to protect employees from coronavirus? (talk about cleaning down equipment like phones, computers, etc)

Businesses should no longer consider cleaning as mere cosmetics, it is very important to the general wellbeing of staff. 


If a business has had a member of their team come down with the coronavirus, should they get a professional cleaning to come straight out and provide a sanitisation service?

That would be the most sensible thing to do to stop the virus of spreading to every member of staff


The government has said one in three jobs could be lost due to the coronavirus; can you see employment being gained in the cleaning industry due to the high demand?

Yes, I can see that at least in the short term


What advice would you give to a person who is returning to work in London to work in an office that could be worried about their environment?

Employees and employers must follow the UK’s Public Health England guidelines which can be found here

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