Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Infected! – The Covid-19 Board Game That Has Gained Huge Exposure

A ten-year-old from the USA has invented a new board game called Infected. The board game is called Infected and the inventor of the game has turned to a crowdfunding platform to raise enough money to have it produced.

While the COVID-19 Lockdown has kept billions of people out of work and at home, and tens of millions of children have been forced to stay off school, one ten-year-old kid used his time wisely. Sawyer Alexander, a young kid eager to get back to school has used his time to invent a board game called Infected, which many believe could become the board game of 2020.

The 10-year-old from Parkesburg, PA wanted to find a way to make lockdown easier on him and his family and came up with a genius idea to invent a board game. His parents could not believe it when Sawyer went away with magic markers, cardboard, and paint, and after a few hours came back with his board game.

“We were so impressed and proud when he came to us with the board game. We always knew he was clever, but to not only invent the game within a few hours but to also build it was so incredible,” said Sawyer dad.

Sawyer’s parents were so impressed with the new board game that they suggested it should be entered into a competition. A video of the board game was entered into a kid’s educational online challenge where it won a prize for the most creative project.

The Alexander family had hours of fun playing Infected! – The Covid-19 Board Game that they all agreed that other families would enjoy playing it as well during the lockdown. So, with some research, Sawyer and his family decided to turn to the Kickstart crowdfunding platform so other families can have as much fun as they have been having with Infected.

Sawyer is looking to raise $16,000 to produce 250 Infected Board games. The board game will be made from recyclable materials where possible, making it an environmentally friendly product. Any money leftover from the campaign will be donated to the First Responders Children’s Foundation

“I cannot wait for people to play my board game,” said Sawyer. “We have had hours of fun playing it and it would mean the world to me if other families could have as much fun as we have been having.”

The Covid-19 Board Game has already been called one of the most exciting board games since the famous Monopoly board game. Since news broke out about the new board game it has gained media interest from around the world, making it one of the most talked-about new board games of 2020.

Sawyer is looking for people to donate to the campaign to make his dreams come true. As well as donating to the campaign, Sawyer would love for people to share his campaign and help promote it to the world

To learn more about the campaign, please visit


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