Wednesday, May 25, 2022

How an uncelebrated producer’s free music samples make it into platinum albums!

In the late 2019, a new wave shook (a website widely used by producers), that wave is called Makalo. The name of an uncelebrated producer, unknown to the mainstream media, yet whose works are widely used by mainstream artists worldwide. Artists (rappers and singers) who have used the works of Makalo are Young Thug, DDG, Pop Smoke, Nav and international sensations such as Killa Fonic, Gilli, Branco and many others.

Makalo himself says that it bothers him when people use royaltyfree samples and do not contact the creator, but also says that they mostly do and also grant him royalty shares as well. One case where he did not get officially credited is the case of Young Thug in the song called “Millions”. Makalo says that him and his team have filed complains and that it is an ongoing process yet to be resolved.

“I’m really shocked at the rate of placements I get”, says Makalo and continues:

“I started uploading samples 6 months ago and I’ve already made it into platinum albums and have gotten tens of placements with famous rappers and singers. I was on the verge of totally quitting music because things were kind of idle for me. That’s when I decided to just express all of my emotions through my sound samples and people kind of picked up on that i guess.”

Makalo says that he’s been around music his whole life through his father Esad, who was a drummer and the lead person of a band. His older brother, MC Damiro is also a singer in the Balkans.

“I’ve been there and done that, my father always wanted us to be something in the music industry. I accompanied him to the largest labels and studios in the Balkans when I was a small kid, so I’ve grown up on it.”

Producers are now sending him messages every day, more than he can respond. Makalo says that he hopes that producers like him get more cred and that they should be talked about more often:

“We are changing hip hop, I mean, we are the ones who dictate what is trendy and what is not. The rappers are merely using our tools. Artists need us and vice versa, otherwise you would only have vocal songs and beats topping the charts.” Makalo laughs and adds:

“No, but you get the point.”


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