Saturday, May 28, 2022

Due to the devastating affect of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide Bankcoin Reserve (BCR), the first stable-coin, passed the following corporate action

Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) announces a kickstart program for savings as COVID-19 and loss of financial opportunities worldwide have devastated multiple economies. This giveback program “Bankcoin+25 Incentive 2020 Plan” is the first of its kind since the introduction of BCR’s “proof of stake” in 2014.

There are two options which BCR is permitting purchase of Bancoin Reserve at Fifty Percent (50%) off the published price displayed at; plus earn an additional Twenty Five Percent (25%) per quarter in cash or additional coin loaded to your wallet for a period of one year. In addition, your wallet has the potential of earning up to Ten Percent (10%) more in Bankcoin Reserve Mining during the same period. Whether earned on a private wallet or as a BCR custodial wallet client. The 2nd option is covered as well and includes a 110% BCR corporate guarantee.
Uncertainty in the world’s financial future is everywhere today. This Bankcoin Reserve price can never go down. It can never deplete. Your financial strength can be used to offset market losses.

50% Discount. 25% per quarter cash or coin earnings. Guaranteed Buyback. You now have the choice to control your own finances. BANKCOIN RESERVE (BCR). is the official website of BCR Bankcoin.


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