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Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi Offers Advice About Oral Health Care

Have you ever wondered what type of person it would take to become a dentist? Well, it takes a special person, a person who is dedicated to looking after their patients teeth and health. But did you know that a Dentist does more than look after your teeth?

A lot of people don’t know that a Dentist could be the first person to spot serious problems in their mouth, which includes mouth cancer (Oral Cancer). Millions of people have had their lives saved thanks to their Dentist spotting the early signs of oral cancer.

There is no getting away from the fact that many of us hate going to the Dentist. Some people are afraid due to having a bad experience when they were younger, and others like me have a fear of needles. But going to the dentist is a must, and people should go for a check up at least once a year. Doing so, will not only help to make sure your teeth are in the best shape possible and you have that great smile, but it can also help save your life.

We got together with Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi, a leading Dentist who grew up in Kuwait. His passion in life is to look after his patients. After training in Egypt to become a Dentist, he wanted to come back to where he grew up and serve his community.

He has become a major part of his community. So, I wanted to get together with Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi and find out more about him, and get some advice about oral health. This is what he had to say.


When did you start becoming interested in dentistry and what about it interested you? To be honest, I hated the dentist.. like everybody else because of a bad experience. But, I had to give it a try again as I had a lot of cavities/ dental problems when I was young. And when I met Dr. Tariq Abu Rizk, he took care of my dental problems and changed my perspective in a way that I started envisioning myself as a dentist and inspired me to get in this profession when I realised how much help it could give others as I was a real life example.

avoid dental health care problemsHow did you get into the industry?Dr. J, as i likes to be called, graduated from MUST in Egypt in 2011, yet i began my training a year before graduation in private dental offices and continued to practice simultaneously in Ministry of health of Kuwait to serve the community and further my knowledge and enhance my skills.


Tell us about the services that you offer? In my clinic there a lot of services like ( Laser – Dermatology – Plastic Surgen-Dental ) But what I can provide for my patients :-

Invasalign ( New Orthodontics Technic)

-All cosmetics dental services ( Veneers/ Crowns / Lumineers )

– All Pedodontics treatments.


What do you love most about your job? The most important thing in this job is you can Redesigned or created the smile for the people with Passion.


What is the most challenging procedure you’veperformed? How did you handle it? The most hard case I deal with is for an old man he was 65 old , he had loss all his teeth and  he was suffering from several diseases, including an irregular level of sugar (Diabetes), and this caused difficulty in make for him implants. So we began to develop a treatment plan and a nutrition plan to regulate the level of sugar in his body for several months. After that we started to make for him a full moth rehabilitation To solve the missing teeth and thanks god everything going well with Him till now .


What is the most effective way to brush your teeth?

-Place your toothbrush at a 45 degree angle to the gums.

-Gently move the brush back and forth in short tooth-wide strokes. … 

-Finish each tooth with a few vertical strokes away from the gum, in essence sweeping debris away from the gum.


When it comes to electric toothbrushes, what should we be looking out for? When think to choose an electric toothbrush mostly the important thing is : do you like it ? . So the best toothbrush you can use it is  what the  most one to use or like it ..


What tips do you give to your patients to help them develop better dental hygiene?

-Visit the dentist every 6 months.

– Brushing the teeth 3 times a day. 

-Use of dental floss. 

-Stay away from unhealthy food


Do you recommend your patients use mouthwash? Not as daily uses its not recommended. If it indicated like gum disease yeah they should use it.


Should you floss, and if so Is there a right or wrong way to floss? Yeah everyday once after brushing and the preferred time before Bedtime. But flossing healthy gums the right way should never hurt. If youre in pain while you floss, it’s a sign youre doing it too hard. Similarly, don’t “saw” away at your gums with your floss. It’s better to floss gently, even if it doesn’t “feel” right, than it is to hurt yourgums.


What exactly are veneers – everyone seems to be getting them these days. And are there any potential setbacks one should be aware of? Veneers are thin coverings that are placed over the front (visible) part of the tooth. They look like natural teeth. Veneers can be used to correct a wide range of dental issues, such as: teeth that are stained and can’t be whitened by bleaching. chipped or worn teeth.


A lot of people are now buying teeth whitening solutions from the Internet, some dentist professionals are advising against this, what is your opinion? The teeth whitening materials are different from company to company And the material inside like the most effective part in it ( hydrogen peroxide) The percentage of it is the effective this in whitening. So some companies they don’t mention the real percentage of it. In that way it will be harmful for the patients and the teeth. So I prefer to buying the whitening materials through the dentists to be more safe .

To learn more about Dr. Yaqoub Aleinzi, please check out his Instagram account




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