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BFA Outsourcing Solutions Talks About Small Business SEO

Almost 4.57 billion people are active internet users according to a study in April 2020. That is 59 percent of the global population. The Internet has become a powerful tool and resource but not everyone seems to be taking advantage of it.

A survey in the USA found 78 percent of households have a desktop, while 76 percent of people have handheld mobile devices. It also found that 300 million people in the USA use their devices to access the Internet while 250 million admit to shopping online at least once a week. So, with that information, why do so many small business owners fail to have a professional website built, and why do so many ignore the importance of SEO and online marketing?

We decided to find out why only 64% of the 30.2 million small businesses in the USA have a website, and the answer was surprising. It seems that small 36% of small business owners in the USA believe the Internet will not benefit their business, and we also found that those business owners felt it was an expense they did not need.

Business experts have warned that those small businesses in the USA that don’t have a website are losing out on the share of $586.92 billion that is spent online each year.

Some businesses that do have a website are still losing out on important revenue by having an outdated and underperforming site. A lot of websites are built by companies that have little or no experience in SEO, that means, their website is not properly optimized and will struggle to be found. So, when looking to get a website built, ask them if they have SEO experience.

We decided to find out what is going on, and why small businesses are missing out. BFA Outsourcing Solutions, a professional website development company and experts in SEO sat down with us and answered our questions on what is going wrong and why small businesses are losing out.


  1. Hi, please introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Archily Bless, you can call me Blessie. My friends call me that J

  1. Tens of millions of small business owners won’t hire a SEO or digital marketing company to help boost their brand and traffic due to believing it is very expensive. You have to admit that SEO companies were very expensive, is that still the case?

I understand where this is coming from. It’s true that many SEO or digital marketing companies are charging their clients way too high that they might not do it again. But, they shouldn’t be discouraged. There are still good SEO companies available out there that charge clients with the right price while promising great results. I believe SEO shouldn’t be expensive, for as long as you know where to look.

  1. Those small business owners are missing out on important revenue by believing that SEO and Digital Marketing Services are still expensive, how are you going to change their mindset?

You are correct! They’re definitely missing out an important revenue of a lifetime. Our services is so cheap that you might want to put all of your eggs in one basket! Especially now in the Covid-19 pandemic, we are giving away for as much as 50% off of all our digital marketing services.

To add, SEO or SEM is still the number 1 source of free traffic ever since internet marketing came into existence. They shouldn’t undermine this fact, or they will lose a lot of real traffic and revenue by not appearing in the search pages. Their only problem is whom to call.  


  1. Let’s be honest, Good SEO companies are struggling after seeing their industry come under fire because of all the spam emails that people receive by which I can only describe as desperate and not professional. Some people report that they receive more than 30 emails a day from SEO companies offering them services, has this type of spam behaviour affected you in anyway?

Oh, yes! We don’t do that in our company. That’s a desperate tactic for an SEO company. Email marketing is not part of SEO, it’s a digital marketing strategy, though. Please don’t get me wrong! I am not saying that email marketing is a bad strategy and people shouldn’t use that in promoting their businesses. What I am saying here is it’s best to target the right people who are buying your SEO services by using real SEO strategies also J, not bombarding them with promotional messages. They will hire you when they are ready. Trust me.

5.) You offer SEO and Digital Marketing Services, how do you keep up with all the changes that Google make?

I read every day, check the analytics, read data, etc. A machine learning SEO tool helps me in my day to day processes.


  1. How important is it when a business is looking to have a website built, that they have it built by a company that are SEO experts?

This is a good one! J Not only they can get a Google-optimized website, they can assure themselves that their websites are going to rank faster in search engines compared to websites built by a web development company.


  1. A lot of small businesses don’t understand how important digital marketing is for their business, can you explain?

It’s understandable. Firstly, a lot of people don’t understand the word, actually. It takes a lot of energy explaining especially to non-techy people what SEO is or what digital marketing is. I had a hard time explaining it to my mom or my sister for that matter. J Secondly, they don’t understand what it can do to their business. Thirdly, they don’t understand their ‘need’ to do it.

SEO professionals, like we are, need to explain to them their ‘need’ and why they need to get an SEO company or expert to handle their online marketing efforts. We learned this from our marketing background that we must create a need or stir some interest. It is our job to create a need and explain to them how we can help meet their needs or wants, and eventually grow their business.


  1. Should a small business that is only looking to attract customers from their local location consider digital marketing services?

Yes! Any business who’s promoting online should consider using digital marketing services. They can get this through local SEO or localized their target for all their social media marketing posts/campaigns.

  1. There are millions of SEO and Digital Marketing companies out there, why should people use your service?

We offer affordable bespoke SEO and digital marketing services. We will adjust to your need, not the other way around. We have an initial free consultation so we would know what your actual needs are before we implement digital marketing strategies.


  1. You offer a lot of services, but what do you specialize in?

I specialize in Search Engine Optimization. The other skills are just secondary J

  1. You say that you offer a Facebook and Instagram Assistant service, can you explain what this is?

Oh yeah! It may look like an overlapping service to my social media management service. But this type of offer is highly specialized to people running a pure Facebook and Instagram businesses without online shops or websites to send their customers to.

For this service, we offer virtual assistance or support in responding to their customer’s queries, order taking and order processing support for their customers on Facebook and Instagram. It’s a hybrid between social media and e-commerce service.


  1. Why should people pay you to post to their Facebook or Instagram account, would it not be cheaper and faster for people to do it themselves?

Having a team or someone to manage their Facebook or Instagram could be a huge help for them. Imagine they are cutting a significant workload from their everyday tasks so they can focus more on much important matter and that is generating more revenue. Paying for a social media manager would mean nothing compared to the revenue they’re getting when they focus their energy on generating more of it.


  1. For people who want to speak to you about using your service, how can they contact you?

They can contact me at or they can just go directly to my website at to request for a free consultation or evaluation of their website. Thank you! J

I really enjoyed the interview! Thanks for this opportunity talking to you.



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