Nearly 90,000 COVID Cases In Greater Lincolnshire Since the Pandemic Began

In the past week the number of COVID cases in Greater Lincolnshire has increased by 3,934. Even though the previous week there were 4,149 new cases, the new figures are still worrying.

As of Sunday 15th August 89,998, cases of COVID-19 were reported across the county, since the pandemic began in January 2020.

Boston has reported a total of 6,764 Covid cases which is an increase of 201 in a week. East Lindsey has seen their cases increase by 529 bringing it to a total of 9,730 cases. While Lincoln which is struggling to get people to have the vaccine has seen their cases increase by 427, bringing the total number of Covid cases to 10,286.

The total number of Covid cases in Greater Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire 58,803 Covid cases

North East Lincolnshire 17,294 cases

North Lincolnshire 13,901 Covid cases


Local authority level

Boston 6,764 (up 201 in a week)

East Lindsey 9,730 (up 529)

Lincoln 10,286 (up 427)

North Kesteven 8,132 (up 438)

South Holland 6,854 (up 242)

South Kesteven 10,285 (up 444)

West Lindsey 6,752 (up 276)