Author Of Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories Talks About Their Children Book Success

A new children’s book has been released on Amazon which is very different from the traditional children’s books. Princess and Unicorn Stories which was written by J.S Jen and Penny B Jen takes the reader on a magical journey while at the same time teaching them some very important life lessons.

The book, which is available as a Kindle download teaches children about being kind to one another, be caring, kindness and good manners. These are qualities that all children should learn at an early age, and qualities they can learn thanks to Sharing: Princess and Unicorn Stories.

Since being launched on Amazon it has become a big seller, so we wanted to learn more about the book and why it was special?


You have written a new children’s book, can you tell me more about it?

The book is about sharing. The main characters are Princess Penelope and her unicorn, Aurora. They along with their friends go on adventures that teach them lessons of kindness and politeness.


Why did you decide to write about a princess and unicorns?

I wrote the stories for my daughter, Penny. Her favourite things when she was young were princesses and unicorns. Writing about things she liked felt more personal and she would relate to the stories more. 


Where is your book set?

The book takes place in the Land of Wisteria where rolling green hills are covered by colourful flowers and beautiful Wisteria trees. When Penelope’s friends Owen and Bella come to visit, she has something magical to show them. But even though these best friends love and respect each other, mishaps do happen. As always, they solve their problems by remembering to be polite, kind, and caring as their day of play turns into a day of learning.


How difficult did you find it writing your new book?

Enjoyed the experience writing with Penny. The time spent discussing characters, ideas, and themes were filled with laughs and smiles. Memories that are treasured for a lifetime.


Your book is not just a children’s book, it is also a book that aims to teach children important lessons, can you explain what that is?

Learning good social behaviours is vital to a child’s development, and sharing is one of the first social skills every child must learn. That might mean sharing a toy with a playmate, a snack with a parent, or even a room with a sibling. These are early opportunities to teach your little ones the power of sharing. The rest of this series covers other topics such as kindness, anger management, please and thank you, empathy and other social skills all children must learn.


Why do you feel it is important that children learn about good manners, kindness and caring?

Studies have proven good manners and the ability to be kind and caring as a child lead to a more successful and adjusted adult. These attributes have a long-lasting positive effect that is life altering.


A lot of children don’t like to share why do you think that is?

Children actually enjoy sharing. You might have noticed times when your child easily shares with others while other situations lead to “end of the world” meltdowns. Unfortunately, children are children. Once they feel they can’t live another minute without something, their emotions may run so high that sharing will be too difficult. Sharing is easier when the child feels he/she is making the decision. Being forced to do something you don’t want to ineffective in the long run. Children also don’t have the concept of time. Something that lasts 2-3 minutes may feel like hours. These are just some reasons why it may be difficult for children to share.


The book has received lots of rave reviews, how does that make you feel?

Having people enjoy our work is a blessing. We love writing these stories and helping families. Thank you readers for all your lovely feedback.


When you write a children’s book do you have to transform yourself into the world you are writing about?

Yes, we imagine that we are witnessing the tales of friendship and adventure. We can smell the fragrant flowers wafting in the air. We can hear the rustling leaves of the Wisteria trees while witnessing Penelope and Aurora riding away from the castle toward their next quest. The characters are based on my family so transforming ourselves into that world is essential to our writing.


Why did you decide to start writing children’s books?

Penny loves reading books and I thought this would be the best medium to teach her good social skills and manners. These skills are not learned in a year, not in two, not in three, and not just meant for children. Even adults through years of learning and practicing are not perfect. We write not just for children but for all ages.


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